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Manage360’s Sales and Estimating tools offer professionals a better way to manage their sale process and prepare accurate and profitable estimates in one landscape software.

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Sales Pipeline

Track sales goals, identify bottlenecks and funnel each prospect towards a final sale.

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Accurate Estimates

Takes into considering overhead recovery models, costs of materials, labor, and equipment.

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Grow Revenue

Win more bids, move prospects through the sales process. and identify drop-offs.


Move prospect through your sales pipeline

Manage360 offers you a better way to manage your entire sales process. This powerful tool as part of your landscape software will help you manage each phase of the sales cycle, identify the best sales opportunities, help resurrect dormant prospects and see where drop-offs happen to improve your sales process.

  • Funnel your prospective customers from initial contact to final invoice.
  • Analyze sales performance of each salesperson for insight into sales techniques.
  • Track sales goals as prospects move through the pipeline.


Make realistic sales projections and set attainable goals

Remove the guesswork from sales projections by setting the probability and projected revenue of each lead. Make more accurate sales projections and analyze the results to achieve greater success and accuracy in future projections.

  • Track each sale and its projected revenue to zone in on winnable projects.
  • Set sales goals for each salesperson to hit and monitor their success towards those goals.
  • Analyze close rates through multiple channels to see where leads fall off and where you have success.


Calculate all of your costs with landscape software

To continue scaling your landscape business, you need accurate estimates that take into consideration your overhead costs and changing material, labor and equipment costs. Use Manage360’s cost book for accurate pricing information to keep your estimates up to date with the latest changes in pricing.

  • Built-in overhead recovery models to account for business overhead on every job.
  • Update cost book to reflect changes in your costs to reduce revenue leakage by not applying the proper costs to estimates.


From Design to proposal in a fraction of the time

Use Manage360’s integration with DS|Design to take your designs to a complete and accurate proposal in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually. Export your design data and Manage360 will account for all the materials, measurements, kits and labor time associated with completing that design.

  • Accurate proposal straight from the design, accounting for all the material required.
  • Complete proposals faster by utilizing integration and cost book, keeping estimates accurate.
  • Streamline your design to proposal process.


Kits, automatic takeoffs and cost books automate estimating

Manage360 comes with many different functions that help to autoamte the estimating process. Along with cost books, kits are one of the most powerful time-saving tools when estimating. Build kits with materials, labor and equipment of jobs you regularly do to add to your quotes quickly.

  • Drag and drop into the estimate, add square footage and Manage360 will complete the cost calculations.
  • Take the complexity out of estimating and simplify the jobs you regularly complete.
  • Be more consistent between all your estimates.


Generate customized proposals that will win more bids

With your estimating complete, turn those estimates into job-winning proposals. Customize the terms and conditions of each proposal and have individual notes for each project. With Manage360, submit more quotes because of the speed the Sales and Estimating tool gives you to get accurate quotes ready quickly.

  • Customizable with the terms and conditions outline for each job.
  • Flexible print options to show the information that you and your customer require.
  • Get more quotes out faster to your customers and win more bids.

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