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Transform your DynaScape designs quickly and easily into colorful drawings you’ll be proud to present to your customers.

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Easy To Use

Easy to use controls and interfaces that lets you start coloring your design right away.

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Color Rich Design

Designs come to life with a full color rendering, multiple styles, shading and color swatches

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Professional Presentation

Create a stunning output for your customers that will win you more jobs.


Enhanced brilliance with DS|Color

Bring your landscape designs to life with beautiful color. And not just any color, but advanced coloring tools that lets you add the entire spectrum of color, textures, opacities and shadings to your DS|Design.

  • Inject professionalism into your landscape designs with elegant color tools to enhance your presentation.
  • Add details to make your designs jump off the page.
  • Complete coloring and shading in a fraction of the time.


Add realism with color and win bids

Turning your landscape designs from black and white to full color doesn’t have to take long, as with DS|Color you get professional hand-colored appearance that will let you produce full-color drawings that will impress your customers.

  • Fully color your designs in minutes with hundreds of color options.
  • Create beautiful designs that will wow your clients.
  • Colored designs lead to more winning bids than black and white.


Bring your designs to life in style

DynaScape Color comes with three styles of coloring that are built into the program. Show off your designing skills by selecting one of these styles to bring your designs to life with a creative color direction. Styles include:

  • Pencil Crayon
  • Marker Hybrid
  • California Contemporary


Trailblazing choice of colors

DynaScape Color comes pre-loaded with hundreds of color swatches. Choose from over 675 different color swatches, organized into categories, that you can use to fulfill the inspiration for your designs. If a swatch isn’t available, create your own in the Style Editor, allowing you to build up an even bigger library of color.

  • Pre-set swatches filtered into useful categories, such as trees, shrubs, paving stones and more.
  • Create additional swatches for your own coloring style and add them to the list.


Effortlessly bring color to your designs in one single click

DynaScape Color is easy to use and gets you filling in the details quickly. With a single click, fill in an entire area with color and texture, such as grass, paving stones or pools. See amazing detailing, as each stone, leaf and blade of grass looks hand colored, giving a realistic impression of your landscape design.

  • Fill an entire area with color based on your design specifications from DS|Design.
  • Point and click from color swatches to your design to completely fill of color.
  • Unique looks to pull out details in your design so it doesn’t look like a block of color.


Realistic designs with unmatched textures and shading options

What brings a landscape design to life is the textures and shading that make it look real. Landscape designing isn’t flat, as it has shadows from trees and shrubs, and texture in the wood and stones you select. So have those elements come alive and look realistic in your presentation with advanced shading and texture options.

  • Add a hint of 3D into your landscape design with shading and shadowing to give your designs depth.
  • Give your customers important information, such as where shadows will be in their backyard.
  • Create realistic designs with textures of rocks, stones and grass.


Show every aspect of your design

Landscape designs have a lot to reveal and some of that is underneath tree canopy, such as extended flower beds, patio sets and outdoor seating areas. With DynaScape’s landscape design software, large items like trees are transparent so you can reveal all the elements of your design to your customers.

  • Design under tree canopy and show your customers your plans for the ground level.
  • Don’t hide any aspect of your design.

Bring the Most Out of Your Design with Full Color from DS|Color

DynaScape Color is made for professional landscapers. Buy DS|Color today and start coloring your landscape designs that will help you win more bids!

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