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Landscape Job Management Software


Manage each job with the same job management software you used to make the design, track the sale and create the proposal to streamline the entire process from sale to final invoice.
Job Management Headline
Schedule the Job​

Create the job, specify the crew, and manage the job from one landscape software.

Purchase Materials​

Create purchase orders automatically from your design and proposal to get the job done.

Change Orders​

Encourage changes from customers, which can be added to the job on the fly with ease.


Transition, plan, schedule and track your way to a positive ROI

By handling your entire sales and job management in one job management software, you can quickly move from one stage to the next. Get the proposal accepted and immediately start planning the schedules for your crews, creating purchase orders, and track the budget of your job from start to finish.

  • Continue the sales cycle from prospect to actual customer all within one landscape software.
  • Turn sales proposals into actual jobs and projects to be scheduled.
  • Generate all the job details you need, including timesheets, work logs, and purchase orders.


Set your crews up for success with the right toolset

With landscape scheduling software, set up the crew you want to complete the job and move crew members in and out as needed over the course of the job. Attach a supervisor, capture all daily information, and keep progress moving towards a completed, stunning landscape.

  • Use the crew tracking mobile app to capture details of the job, including timesheets and expenses.
  • Easily assign new crew members to the team when needing to replace another member.
  • Capture job logs, materials used, and daily information for crew accountability and more accurate invoicing.


Scale efficiencies from design to work orders

The advantage of using one landscape management software to do all your work is a complete end-to-end experience. From your design, automatically have purchase orders generated for the materials and supplies to get the job done. 

  • Go from Design and proposal to purchase order and don’t miss anything on your list.
  • Reduce administration by not having to individually enter each item as a purchase order.
  • Ensure accuracy in your costs for each job.


Monitor the status of the job and compare estimates to actuals

Mange360 landscape business management software comes fully loaded with reporting functions that help you manage and learn from each job. Compare your landscaping estimates to actuals to see if you under- or over-estimated. Drill down at five different levels to view the job through different perspectives and generate reports to improve the way you manage your business.

  • View percentage completion for better insight into the progress of the job.
  • Data on-hand to make better business decisions for future jobs.


Don’t let changes to the project affect your profit margins – encourage them!

Change is part of every project and job you take on. But they don’t have to be stressful or eat into your profits. With change orders within your landscape job management software, account for changes in your original contract, and simply apply the change order at any time.

  • Able to add, remove or substitute any component or quantities, and apply refunds or rebates or add additional cost to the updated contract.
  • Generate new work orders and update timesheets for every change request made.
  • Approved change orders are added to the current job in Manage360, but still see the original contract and how the changes affected profitability.

Landscaping INVOICING

Positive cash flows with accurate and timely invoicing

With Manage360’s integration to QuickBooks, keep your cash flow perfectly in line with the project through milestone billing. Generate invoices for the job when a milestone is hit, and have those invoices tie directly into your accounting program for timely and accurate billing of the customer.

  • Automated billing so you never miss an invoice that needs to go to a customer.
  • Keeps cash flow coming into the project so there are no shortages.
  • Gets invoices into your customer’s hands faster for quicker billing.

Landscaping Estimates

Be more accurate with your landscaping project estimates

Get accurate bids to your customers faster with Manage360’s landscaping estimating tools. Bidding can be labor-intensive, so cut down on time but remain just as accurate with a prepared cost book for all materials. Pull materials straight from DynaScape’s Landscape Design Software for a detailed estimate straight from your designs.

  • Account for overhead with your choice of recovery.
  • Deliver accurate, job-winning proposals in a fraction of the time.
  • Built-in cost book for materials, kits, and labor hours.

You’ve won the job!
Now manage it properly!

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