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5 Ways to Boost Revenue Throughout Your Landscape Business Cycle

As a landscape business professional, a lot of times you might find yourself stuck with the one question, “how do I bring in more revenue?” The first answer that comes to mind is, “let’s get new customers,” and we all know that’s easier said than done. The good part is, it’s not the only way to increase your revenue; you can be boosting your financials at every stage of your business operations, from designing a landscape to job proposals to routing your crews.

Here’s a great example: one of our clients shared with us that on average he saved about 8 labor hours each week and increased his gross profit margin by 10% per job.

Let’s see how he did it, and how you can do it too:

Reduce Design Turnaround Time ⇒ Close More Deals

The perfect depiction of your ideas through a hand-drawn landscape design can consume a lot of your productive time. On the other hand, you can achieve better results for your landscape design in a fraction of the time spent on hand drawings by using landscape design software. With the flexibility to make revisions, using your previously saved designs or built-in templates can help you be the first to get your proposal in and win more jobs. A landscape design software equips you with the right technology to quickly and easily share the results with your client without having to travel to their location.

Update Your Centralized Costbook ⇒ Avoid Losing Money on Costing Errors

A lot of costs involved in a landscape business are variable, and a costing error can negatively impact your net profit. Providing a correct, accurate, and updated job estimate can be a tedious process involving a lot of searching through different cost files, and you still might end up missing out on a cost update. To make this process efficient, landscape software like Manage360 maintains a centralized costbook meaning all of your costs and prices are consolidated. This way, any cost or price change in your materials, plants, labor, equipment or subcontracting will automatically reflect in your job estimate.

Adapt Your Overhead Recovery Model ⇒ Send Out Quotes You Won’t Regret

To shape your framework for success, you need to know your financial benchmarks. To create financial benchmarks, you need to know the real numbers. Using landscape software makes this task easy and efficient. Once you’ve added all your overhead cost estimates, the software ensures that these costs are built into every job estimate. Now that you know your costs accurately, you can estimate your break-even point, add your profit percentage, and send a quote you won’t regret. All your materials, labor, equipment, subcontractors, and other overheads are covered. To make things even simpler, you can select your preferred overhead recovery model from ready-to-use, built-in industry models.

Optimize Route Visits ⇒ Maximize Your Crews’ Working Time

Optimizing your crews’ route is going to give you the room to achieve more. All the back and forth discussions on which location should be visited first, or estimating who is closer to the client’s location can be left for another day. Using landscape business software helps to create a route map for all your scheduled tasks. A Google Maps integration with your landscape software enables you to select clients based on their geographical areas and view the shortest route to your destination. This way you use your resources efficiently, and save a lot on fuel and mileage costs. All of your unscheduled and unassigned work that could fit into your route is automatically suggested, ensuring you don’t miss a task.

Invoice at Each Milestone ⇒ Improve Cashflow

Have you ever missed sending out an invoice, and eventually, the invoice was paid months past the due date? Concentrating on the financials of your business, along with managing your operations can be challenging. The job management module of your landscape software can help you streamline your financials. Regular and timely invoices are generated at each predetermined step to ensure you have a healthy cash flow, exhibit professionalism, and most importantly, concentrate on doing more business.

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