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New Manage360 Feature! Bulk Plant Matching

On the Plants Costbook page, there is now an option to filter plants that are unmatched to the Online Plants Database. In the filter dropdown, check off ‘Show only Unmatched’ and click ‘Apply Filter’.


A new column has been added to the Plants Costbook page, indicating whether a plant has been matched to an entry in the Online Plants Database. The OPD column shows a broken link for unmatched plants, and a link for matched plants.


On the Plants Costbook page, you can now link individual plants to a Online Plants Database entry by clicking on the new link icon in the OPD column. This opens the Match Plant popup from the Plant Culture tab.


The Match Plant popup, available on the Plant Culture tab and the Plants Costbook page now displays the botanical name of the plant in the header.


On the Plants Costbook page, there is now an option to match plants to the Online Plants Database automatically in bulk. After selecting a number of plants, click the ‘Match to OPD’ option under ‘Common Actions’. This opens a new popup with a couple options. The ‘Include Proven Winners’ checkbox allows the inclusion/exclusion of Proven Winners plants from the matching. The ‘Previously Matched’ dropdown selects how to handle plants already matched to a OPD entry. After running the match, an alert will display how many entries were successfully matched automatically.