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Patrick DuChene Design Webinar Series

DynaScape Software and Patrick DuChene of DuChene Design Solutions have partnered to present a series of Tips & Tricks webinars that will show how Patrick has learned to do particular tasks while he has used DynaScape’s design suite of applications. We will also present topics based on the DynaScape Community’s interest.

Webinar #1 – In this webinar, we covered:

  • Setting up the DS|Design drawing for smooth transition from Design to Color
  • Full explanation of functionality of DS|Color and its capabilities
  • When to color and when not to color.
  • Update presentation function is the most dynamic and time saving function of DS|Color
  • The importance of working with 2 monitors.

Webinar #2 – Creating great bed lines!

Webinar #3 – Using DS|Color

  • Why custom swatches?
  • Where to get them?
  • How to get them into DS|Color?
  • How to use them?

Webinar #4 – Custom Swatches in DS|Color

Webinar #5 – Here’s what we covered:

  • Custom toolbars
  • Assigning plants and materials to Work Areas to prep for Manage360
  • Easy way to trim lines from inside pillars
  • Working with favorites in the plant list and hardscape editors

Webinar #6

No more cluttered home screens and no more hunting around your computer!   This webinar will also go through some basics about computers, what the difference between hardware and software is, and the importance of using the right equipment for the job!  Patrick will show how he maintains his computer systems so they are in peak operation every time so he can quickly and efficiently get work done on time and with great results!


Webinar #7 – This instalment of Tips & Tricks with Patrick DuChene covers:

  • Offset figures along a virtual line tool
    – Re-sizing prototype text
    – Inserting half inch text
    – Grid prototypes for base sheet sketches
    – New way to draw curved walks and bed lines.


Webinar #8 – Here’s what we covered:

  • Working with plant labeling and hardscape labeling refresher along with the time saving and information gathering benefits of these features.
  • Creating a Hardscape Packet. Yes! I said a Hardscape Packet!
  • Re-sizing leader text and labeling text.


Webinar #9 – Here’s what we covered:

  • Multiple ways to change line and text layers
  • Ways to use DynaScape Design plant schedule to speed up proposal process
  • Bringing all label text to the foreground in DynaScape Color.
  • Making special dynamic template figures
  • Setting default shadow properties in DynaScape Color


Webinar #10 – Here’s what we covered:

  • Windows 10 Update
  • Change text size and layer weights
  • Use TrueView to convert AutoCAD files
  • Scale drawings after importing them in

Webinar #11

  • Dimensioning
  • Best Practices for Plant Picture Catalogs
  • Best practices for Raster Images in DynaScape designs
  • Re-fresher on moving rasters quickly around a drawing
  • Re-fresher on streamlining plant picture catalog process