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The Benefits for Designers Using DynaScape

Landscape designers are artists at heart. But, being an artist does not mean they shouldn’t use available technology to make their job easier. There are software options that can speed up their process. Before diving in though, designers want to know if they have to give up the artistic feeling of drawing.

Fortunately, they do not have to sacrifice their art. Plus, they get more in return. 

DynaScape’s Design is computer-aided design (CAD) software built for landscapers. It’s not an architecture program turned into a landscaping program. It’s created specifically for the landscaping industry. 

That means the hand-drawn feel is maintained, for the artists’ sake. But it adds the benefit of speed.

We spoke with Glenn Curtis of Plantenance Landscape Group. Curtis uses DynaScape Design software for his landscaping construction company. His design team produces award-winning landscapes for their clients using efficient landscaping design software. 

We asked him how using CAD software benefits his team in the landscaping design process. He pointed out three main benefits, including:

  • Onboarding new designers 
  • Collaboration between designers and customers, and 
  • The ease of doing revisions 

His company now has 25 to 30 people during the peak season for their design/build business. Business is powered by DynaScape’s software. It helps bring value and the complete landscape experience to their customers.

Easy Onboarding of New Designers

Male landscape designer working on computer

When a new designer comes into your company, onboarding them into the same system everyone uses should be simple. DynaScape Design is already taught in schools, so new designers are often familiar with the program. That makes for a smoother transition period. 

Curtis said that part of onboarding new designers is putting effort into their career development. Then the company is more likely to retain them long-term. 

What he has found is that when new designers are presented with landscape design software, they are more likely to stay. That’s because their business already has a process in place. They also get to use new technology rather than sticking to slower manual processes.

“A lot of designers we bring on are used to doing everything by hand,” said Curtis. He points out that when they see how quick the software is, they see that they can actually do more. Designers appreciate that they can complete more designs in less time.

“They value that we’re putting effort into training them and that we’re using good quality software,” Curtis explained.

DynaScape offers onboarding training materials to help bring new designers up to speed. Many of DynaScape’s customers have taught themselves the program and found success. It’s an added benefit that any designer can pick up the software quickly without spending months learning it.

Adds a Level of Collaboration to Design Work

Landscape designer holding pencil and using tablet

When a designer works on landscape designs by hand, it’s hard for another designer to step in and offer feedback. It’s even more difficult to make a change themselves because their design style might be different. DynaScape users select the style they want and all changes look similar. That opens the door to collaboration between team members. 

Since it’s a digital format, DynaScape Design files can be passed between team members. One member can start the design. Another member can contribute changes. And yet another finishes it. That flexibility makes it perfect for remote teams that don’t share the same office.

For Curtis, it’s a way for his team to come together and work collaboratively on a design. That enables them to get the best results for the customer.

“We put the DynaScape designs up on the screen in our meeting room, and they critique each other,” said Curtis. Having the design on a screen allows the team to do “real-time tweaks.” The software allows them to brainstorm and work on designs together. Even though each designer is assigned to their client, they get the best of everybody’s ideas and concepts.

That’s only possible for Curtis and his team because they all use the same software. Doing so keeps things consistent across the entire design team. 

Make Revisions—Right In Front of the Client

Female landscaper on cell phone and holding tablet on site

Revisions in DynaScape are what many customers say is the best part of using the DynaScape Design software. In just minutes, a designer can move any portion of the landscape around. They can also change plants, add hardscape, or completely redesign a patio without starting from scratch. 

It’s such a time saver that many DynaScape users see it as an essential part of their design process. 

When dealing with customers, the software also allows for instant changes. Often they do the work right in front of the customer’s eyes. The designer can consult with the customers in real time. Then, the customer’s ideas can go immediately into the design. That helps keep the customer happy. Thus, the company wins more bids.

“We actually do a lot of tweaking right in front of the customers,” said Curtis. He points out that it makes the customer feel like part of the team. Seeing the project evolve gets them more excited about it.

Create a Better Experience for Designers

Young female landscape designer smiling outside

So, we’ve seen that customers prefer collaborating with CAD software. But, what about landscape designers? 

Using CAD software makes designers more efficient. Better efficiency means less time needed per design. And, that means a higher productivity level. 

A faster turn around time is great, but we know that landscape designers value the process, too. With DynaScape Design, designers don’t lose the feel of creating art. DynaScape results look like a hand drawing. It offers hundreds of figures access to a massive plant library, and many different color swatches. Landscape designers don’t have to sacrifice art for versatility. The DynaScape Design look is clean and accurate.

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