DynaSCAPE Color

Landscape Design in True Color

There’s color, and then there’s DS|Color!

DynaSCAPE Color is the exciting landscape software module that gives you the ability to create beautiful full color versions of your landscape design drawings in a fraction of the time that it takes to color them by hand or with 3rd party software.

DynaSCAPE Color doesn’t just add solid color fills to certain shapes!  This is an advanced tool that lets you add an entire spectrum of subtle colorings, textures, opacities and shadings to any DynaSCAPE design with just a few series of mouse-clicks.  Like DynaSCAPE Design itself, Color again raises the bar on landscape design drawing excellence, injecting a new level of professionalism and a new dimension of detail to your designs that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Save time, sell more

By significantly reducing the amount of time required to add a professional hand-colored appearance to your DynaSCAPE drawings, DynaSCAPE Color lets you produce more full-color drawings for your clients, helping you to sell more of your designs.

How it Works

The proof is in the presentation! Check out the gallery!

View samples of the highly professional Color rendered presentations created by DS|Color

“Essential, to convey your ideas correctly”

Patrick DuChene on DynaSCAPE Color. With more than 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, Patrick has worked for some of the Northeast’s most prestigious landscape companies and one of the top 100 landscape companies in the United States. Along with his extensive design experience, Patrick has managed million-dollar residential construction divisions.

Just installed DynaSCAPE Color yesterday afternoon and have been playing around with it all this morning. I just wanted to let you guys know it’s really easy to use and it makes my drawings look fantastic! I can’t even express how excited I am to show a client a Colour Rendering Concept Plan of their yard and see their appreciation of the design. It will not only impress the client but also make it that much easier for them to decipher and visualize the design. Thanks DynaSCAPE for continuing to be a company I know I can count on. I am proud to say I use your product everyday with excellent, professional results.
Lara Hunter

Landscape Designer, Hunter Landscape Design

All the right things

DynaSCAPE Color is the application for our professional landscape design software that lets you add beautiful colors, shadings and opacities to your DynaSCAPE Design drawings. Here are some of the module’s main features:


Easy to learn
DynaSCAPE Color was designed for the busy landscape designer who needs to be able to achieve professional results quickly with an intuitive coloring tool that doesn’t require a steep learning curve.  With its DynaSCAPE Design-like interface and controls, Color lets you start coloring your landscape designs right away.


Easy to use
Built with the latest Windows Presentation Foundation technology, DynaSCAPE Color’s simple and clear interface turns what might otherwise be a frustrating chore into a very pleasant and rewarding user experience.  The Color interface was deliberately designed to be extremely simple and streamlined, using concepts that are already familiar to DynaSCAPE users to make the software’s functions easily discoverable through experience.


Creates stunning output
The last thing you want on a design that looks hand-drawn is coloring that looks computer-generated.  We went out of our way to ensure that all of Color’s output looks as impressively hand-crafted as the DynaSCAPE drawings that it colors.  We took the best hand-colored examples in the industry and built software that lets you convincingly – and easily – recreate that hand-crafted appearance.


3 main styles to choose from
DynaSCAPE Color comes with three styles of coloring built right into the program. There’s the traditional Pencil Crayon style, the equally popular Marker Hybrid style, and a new style we’re calling California Contemporary that shows off how this powerful tool can take your design ideas in new creative directions.


Color-safe choices
Not everyone studies color wheels and color theory, but everyone wants to produce beautiful results.  Our own color experts (who do in fact know their color wheels and theories!) have filled DynaSCAPE Color’s palettes with hues that go well together no matter how they’re combined.  Whether you have a good eye for color harmony or not, with DynaSCAPE Color you can rest assured that you won’t ever be producing designs with any incongruous color combinations that are jarring to the eye.


Advanced shading effects
One of the subtleties that makes the best colored drawings so attractive is the use of shadows and shading, which adds the hint of a third dimension to your landscape designs.  Not only is this pleasing to look at, but it also imparts important information about the positioning hierarchy of the elements in your gardens and landscapes.


Accurate and attractive textures
Coloring an entire area of paving stones or deck lumber by hand is tedious.  DynaSCAPE Color makes it easy to add realistic textures to any area of your drawing with a few simple clicks.


The added subtlety of transparencies
DynaSCAPE Color also makes it easy for you to add a controllable degree of transparency to any of the colors on your drawing.  This not only adds a professional touch to the appearance of your landscape design, but also helps you to reveal details underneath certain items in your landscape – for example, the foliage beneath a tree canopy – that would otherwise be hidden by solid colors.

675 color swatches
Pre-loaded with over 675 color swatches
Each of the styles in DynaSCAPE Color has hundreds of swatches for you to choose from.  Organized into the categories that are most useful to you, such as Trees, Shrubs, Paving Stones and so on, these swatches provide you with all of the information and inspiration that you’ll need for any possible design challenge.

Create your own swatches
And just in case 675 swatches aren’t quite enough to give full expression to your creative vision or style, DynaSCAPE Color also comes with a Style Editor that lets you create your own new swatches to add to the mix.  This is especially handy for those craftspeople who wish to create or reproduce a distinctive coloring style based on their own well-defined personal palette.  With Color’s Style Editor, the sky’s the limit!


Fill in whole areas with a single click
Have we emphasized Color’s ease of use enough yet?  Its time-saving benefits are especially obvious – and worth repeating! – when you see how easily it can fill an entire area of your landscape design with an attractive texture or color with a single click of the mouse.  And it does so in an intelligent way that makes every stone, leaf and blade of grass look like it was individually colored by hand.

Benefits of DS|Color!

As a key add-on to the industry’s leading CAD landscape design software, the benefits of adding DynaSCAPE Color to your professional toolkit are many. In fact, there are benefits for every skill level:

For the non-colorer

For some, it was lack of time. For others, lack of coloring skills. Now, DynaSCAPE Color removes many of the barriers that have prevented some designers from coloring their landscape designs. Because it’s easy to learn, and produces impressive results so quickly and easily, DynaSCAPE Color lets you:

  • Try coloring without having to invest too much time before seeing professional results
  • Color like a pro even if you have limited coloring experience or skills
  • Keep your bids competitive with full-color output
  • Discover new ways to express your landscape design ideas on paper
  • Experiment with different styles without wasting valuable time
  • Be confident that all your color choices will be compatible and pleasing to the eye

For those who seldom color

Many landscape designers are already sold on the idea of coloring, but simply lack the time to apply hand-coloring to all – or even many – of their designs.  By significantly reducing the time required to color each design, DynaSCAPE Color lets you:

  • Color more of your drawings
  • Add a new level of attention and perfection to all of your colored output
  • Try different coloring styles on the same design
  • Use the time saved to get and complete more jobs
  • Assign coloring tasks to more junior, or less skilled, members of your team
  • Increase your colored output without sacrificing quality
  • Boost the level of professionalism of your entire business

For the coloring crafts-person

Even if you already hand-color like a pro and take well-deserved pride in your craft, we’re confident that you’ll still be impressed by the high quality of DynaSCAPE Color’s output, and pleased with the many ways that it can support and extend your skill.  Adding DynaSCAPE Color to your professional landscape design toolkit allows you to:

  • Apply your artistic sensibility to more of your designs
  • Automate the more tedious aspects of coloring so you can focus on the most important details
  • Create an unlimited number of custom swatches and palettes
  • Take your coloring skills in new directions
  • Confidently automate some of your coloring tasks without having to accept any loss in the quality of the output

Benefits for All

  • Transform your black and white DynaSCAPE landscape designs into full-color masterpieces
  • Save time
  • Color like a pro
  • Clarify your plans
  • Color more of your drawings
  • Show your professionalism
  • Create multiple versions of the same drawing
  • Demonstrate the true appearance of your proposed design
  • Express your landscape ideas more accurately and attractively
  • Sell more
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