NEW Crew Tracking Mobile App!

Track time, location, materials, subcontractors and equipment!

An add-on to:

An add-on for Manage360, the new crew tracking app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, was created to eliminate paper timesheets, reduce administrative data entry, significantly increase accuracy and keep your crew leaders accountable.


Track your crew’s time

Your crew leader will clock their team in and out of jobs throughout the day. Increased accuracy in tracking time from the moment they clock in to the moment they clock out.

Make crew changes on the fly

It happens everyday, there are changes to the crew roster and you need to be able to adjust your crew on the fly. Crew leaders can easily do this in the app.

Track the right details

Tracking time is important, but it’s equally important to know what equipment, materials, sub-contractors, and miscellaneous items were used on the job that day.

Know your crew’s location

We geo stamp every clock in and clock out. So when your crew leader clock’s their team into or out of a job we access the GPS radio in their phone or tablet to know their precise location.

Grouped maintenance visits

When you have multiple clients in close proximity to another you can group them all together so the crew leader only has to clock in and out once for multiple properties. Manage360 then distributes the actual man hours based on the contract for each client.

Express clock out

Especially helpful for maintenance visits, crew leaders can simply clock in to a visit and when the arrive at the next property just clock in and the app will automatically clock them out of the last visit.

Job Based or Labor Type Clock In

Have the flexibility to decide whether you would like your crews to clock in to the job or to individual labor types or cost codes. 

Fully operational offline

We know that there are dead zones and that data connections could come and go. We made the app fully operational regardless if your data connection is active or not. So long as the crew leader can access their timesheet at the start of the day and connect to the internet at the end of they day there’s absolutely no excuse to not track their day through the app.

Employee summary

The crew leader gets a full summary of each of their staff’s hours for each job/visit and for the day.

Crew Accountability

In Manage360, you’ll be able to see where your crew was exactly when they clocked in or out in proximity to the customer’s address. You’ll also be able to see if they edited their clock in or out time.

See the crew tracking app in action!

Now’s the perfect time to get in touch with the DynaSCAPE sales team to setup a live demonstration of Manage360! Our new mobile app will eliminate the need for paper timesheets and drastically reduce the administrative effort for data entry!

Schedule a demo today!

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