DynaSCAPE Design + Color + Sketch3D Demonstration Videos

DynaSCAPE Design and its companion solutions are the designer’s software of choice in over 4,000 landscape businesses and over 130 colleges and universities across North America.

Introduction to DynaSCAPE Design

You only need to see a single page of output from DynaSCAPE Design to appreciate just how completely computer-assisted landscape design software has come of age. The quality of DynaSCAPE Design drawings leaps off the page with their fine line weights, precise shapes, and an artistic flare that makes it hard to believe that they weren’t hand-drawn.

Drawing Setup
See how DS|Design makes it easy to get drawing quickly. No setup of the drawing page, dimension/text styles, layers etc. – its all done for you

Starting a base plan
Learn how easy it is to create a base plan using each of the options such as drawing from site measurements, tracing a lot plan and importing an AutoCAD drawing.

Drawing tools
Watch how some of the drawing tools work and see how quickly and accurately you can create things like straight and curved lines, shapes, buildings etc.

Editing tools
See how you can manipulate your drawing such as the move, copy, rotate tools and more. Check out some of the great tools that make short work of some of the repetitive tasks like drawing hedges and stone steps.

Get a close look at the large selection of symbols specific to landscape design elements. See how they help you quickly develope a professional looking design.

Check out all the landscape patterns that are at your finger tips that add detail to your drawings.

Plant palettes
See how you can use the DynaSCAPE Online Plant Database huge collection of over 9,000 plants or create your own custom list that you control.

How to label
Watch how quickly you can add labels to your drawing and see the different styles you can use.

Adding plant photos
See how you can add plant pictures to your drawing

Plant material lists
Watch how to generate instant material lists in Word or Excel.

Multiple drawing sheets
See how you can create a planting plan, a dimensioned/layout plan and a lighting plan from one plan without having to re-draw.

Calculating area
Learn how CAD systems take the guess work out of calculating area and length to help you quickly do takeoffs from your design

See how you can add your own personal touch by creating your own custom symbols, logos and title blocks.

Output options
Watch how you can print a drawing without having to worry about line weights and see how you can create a PDF or JPG from it as well.

Introduction to DynaSCAPE Color

Once you see how quickly, easily and beautifully DynaSCAPE Color transforms your drawings, you’ll wonder how you ever presented projects without it. DynaSCAPE Color is the exciting landscape software module that gives you the ability to create beautiful full color versions of your landscape design drawings in a fraction of the time that it takes to color them by hand or with 3rd party software.

Intro to Color
Get an overview of DS|Color styles and a quick overview of how it works.

Editing tools
See how DS|Color is quickly applied to a design and how easy it is to make adjustments and add shadows.

Setting up
See how a DS|Design drawing is set up before being brought in for coloring.

Custom swatches
Learn how easy it is to create your own custom swatches to add a personal touch to your presentations.

Introduction to DynaSCAPE Sketch3D

After you’ve completed your drawing, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Sketch3D is an add-on to SketchUp, the world’s most popular and readily available 3D modeling tool. For DynaSCAPE Design users, the ability to export to SketchUp format right from DS|Design makes it an easy transition from the 2D world into the 3D world.

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