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The quality of DynaSCAPE Design drawings leap off the page with their fine line weights, precise shapes, and an artistic flare that makes it hard to believe they weren’t hand-drawn. Design is an Professional App for Landscape Design.

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Impressive Presentations

DynaSCAPE’s CAD-based design solutions allow you to produce impressive, job-winning presentations in a fraction of the time that it takes you now in hand-drawn quality black and white.

Stunning Results

The result is a spectacular, information-rich landscape design that will amaze your clients, win you new contracts and assist your crew as they bring your plan to life. In the field of CAD landscape design software, DynaSCAPE Design continues to lead the way with a level of design quality that remains unequalled in the industry.

Integrated Solution

Seamless integration with the rest of the DynaSCAPE landscape software suite makes it easy for you to transform your drawings into both instant and accurate quotations, and windows of insight into the health and growth of your entire landscape business.

The proof is in the presentation! Check out the landscaping design gallery!

View samples of the highly professional landscape design presentations created in DS|Design

What real landscape design app users are saying..

Beth Edney on DS|Design

Beth is a Landscape Industry Certified Designer, part-time instructor and owner of Designs By The Yard, a landscape design studio & boutique – the store is new, but Designs By The Yard is celebrating more than 20 years in business.

“The best graphics on the market”

Patrick DuChene on DynaSCAPE Design

With more than 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, Patrick has worked for some of the Northeast’s most prestigious landscape companies and one of the top 100 landscape companies in the United States. Along with his extensive design experience, Patrick has managed million-dollar residential construction divisions.

Professional landscape design software that helps you produce attractive, feature-rich drawings quickly and easily.

Here are some of DS|Design’s main features and benefits:

Create designs in a hand-drawn style that look simply amazing

Produce painstaking detail in a fraction of the time. Communicate great design ideas with great-looking designs. Elicit great design ideas from every estimator on your team, regardless of drawing abilities. Produce consistently professional-looking output that will help you win contracts. Impress your clients with its easy to read, crisp, clean line weights.

Enhance the professionalism of your landscape drawings and your business

Line thicknesses are pre-set by layer to industry-standard conventions. Proper line hierarchy ensures that all of your output is consistently professional. Aligned with green industry leaders. Used and recognized by prominent landscape design schools.

Save time when designing

Repetitive tasks are made easy. Drawing revisions require much less effort. Store and reuse concepts and details. Make multiple drawing views without having to redraw each time. Use of layers allows multiple print-outs without having to redraw. Copy scanned lot plans without having to redraw them.

Set up new landscape drawings quickly and easily

Just select your template, sheet size and scale. Layers come pre-set so no additional set-up is required. Line colors, weights and styles are pre-set for optimum visibility. Even text and leader styles are predetermined to suit your drawing scale. These are all editable if you need to make changes at any point in the drawing process. Import images like property surveys to get you designing faster.

Insert pre-drawn shapes from extensive symbol libraries

Over 1200 pre-drawn library figures, for all areas of landscape design: planting, natural stone, paving stone, flagstone, mulch; swimming pools, ponds and water features; outdoor lighting, irrigation and woodworking. Professional botanical symbols include trees, shrubs, evergreens, hedges, perennials & ornamental grasses. All symbols are drawn to scale and identified by size and type. All symbols are organized by type and sub-type, making it easy to find the ones you want. Drag and drop ease makes symbol insertion easier and faster. Add your own custom symbols and libraries.

Find and add plants from a Horticopia Powered Online Plant Database

Choose from over 9,000 plants. Select plants by name and view full-color images and cultural information. Search for plants by characteristic, bloom, or color. Build your own detailed plant material database for labeling.

More on Horticopia


Enjoy all the features of an advanced CAD drawing tool
CAD functionality ensures drawing accuracy and speed. Drawing tools are specifically tailored for landscape designers. Multiple drawing layers can be revealed or hidden as required. Makes smooth curved lines. Scalable: no limits to the size or scale of the project. Can import existing AutoCAD files in DWG & DXF format, such as existing site and floor plans.


Add plant photos to your drawings
Insert color photographs of all selected plants into your landscape drawings with the Add Image tools. One tool lets you search for an image by name, another matches images to your plant label. Both these tools access the Online Plant Database for images. Helps you to show the intent of the design and material choices. No need to haul books and catalogues to show clients the plants you’ve selected.


Label every component in your drawings
Plants are quickly auto-counted and labeled. Key labels allow plant schedules and material lists to be generated automatically. Fast labeling routines apply intelligent labels to every piece of the design. Customize your own softscape list or search the Online Plant Database for labels.


Build unique Plant Plant Picture Catalogues for your clients
Create full color plant picture catalogues in minutes. Plants from your material list are matched up with images and cultural information. Plant picture catalogues are produced as Adobe PDF documents for easy printing. Option to use your own images.

Add product details from leading landscape product companies
Unilock patterns and stone catalogue price lists. Nightscaping symbols, illumination patterns, fixture catalogue and voltage drop calculator. 

AquaScape Designs pond designs, stream segments, components and product catalogue.

Calculate areas & quantities and add dimensions

Clusters figures, groups them into massings and auto-counts them for label quantities. Instantly calculates areas that would be time-consuming to calculate by hand. 

Handles unusual shapes with ease. Includes easy, quick tools for placing linear and radius dimensions on the drawing.

Create layout/staking plans
Quickly create and print a dimension plan for on-site layout without having to redraw. 

Improve communication of your landscape design ideas with the crews on site. No more time wasted measuring plans by hand.

Output your landscape designs to multiple formats
Print a drawing to any printer type, or send it to a print shop as a plot file *Plot option remains in the software but is not supported. 

Save drawings as JPEG or PDF files. Export to AutoCAD as DWG & DXF files. Send drawings in PDF or JPEG format via e-mail to clients or printers that don’t have DynaSCAPE landscape design software to open them.

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