Landscape Job Management Software

Landscape Job Management Software

Once you’ve won the job, track time and materials, and compare your estimate vs actuals.

You impressed them with your DynaSCAPE design, wowed them with your DynaSCAPE proposal, and won the job! Now what? If you’re using Manage360’s Job Management component, that’s easy: you simply carry on managing that new job with the exact same system that you used to make the design, track the sale and create the proposal.

Job Management extends Manage360’s capabilities beyond making the sale and into managing the details of your construction job. It gives you the tools you need to make sure that your work stays on track, on budget and on target to impress your client as much as your proposal did.

Once the sale is made, Job Management automatically creates the job for you in the system, lets you specify the crew and the supervisor for that job, and creates all of the purchase orders you’ll need for the job. You can also use Job Management to generate daily job logs for your crew, and then use the information from those logs to compare estimates vs. actuals and perform other analyses as well.

As an integral part of the Manage360 business management system, Job Management supports you every step of the way as you manage all of your jobs. You can:

  • Create the job from the estimate
  • Assign the crew for the job
  • Specify the supervisor for the job
  • Create your purchase orders
  • Generate daily job log sheets for your crew
  • Enter job logs on the road, from anywhere
  • Enter actual costs
  • Compare and analyze estimates vs. actual on a graph
  • Invoice at each job’s milestone
  • Monitor the status of each job
  • Generate and analyze job costing information
  • Generate employee hours reports
  • Change order management
Manage360’s Job Management
Landscape Job Management Software

Job Management features and benefits in detail


Create the job from the proposal

No need to re-enter all of your client and proposal details into a whole new system – Job Management takes that proposal and turns it into a job, automatically. Now you can start tracking it!

Assign the crew and supervisor for each job

In Job Management, it’s easy to set up your team and attach that crew to the job. Now you can capture all of their daily information, time sheets, job logs, materials used, invoices due, and all of the other crew-management details of a job.


Create your purchase orders

Because it ties in to your design and proposal, Job Management can automatically generate all of the purchase orders you’ll need to get the job done. Why reinvent all those lists when they’re already in your proposal?


Generate job log sheets for your crew

The job log helps you track time, material, equipment and any sub-contractors that you used. You can either print out daily job log sheets for your crew to fill in manually at the end of each day.

Enter job logs on the road, from anywhere

… or equip them with mobile devices that can connect to Manage360 on site and let them enter their job logs directly into the system.


Enter actual costs

The best way to judge the accuracy of your estimating process is to be able to compare your estimates with a job’s actual costs. In Job Management, you can enter those actuals for each item.

Compare and analyze estimates vs. actuals on a graph

Is the job on track? Did you under-estimate costs? Is your cost book accurate? Compare estimates vs. actual costs on a graph in Job Management and see it all for yourself. The system includes powerful reporting capabilities that let you drill down and filter reports in many different ways, at 5 different levels. View data from the perspective of a specific sales person, foreman, crew, job, or work area.

Invoice at each milestone

Job Management will automatically generate your invoices for the job, at each pre-determined milestone. And if you’re also using the Accounting Integration component of Manage360, you can tie those invoices in directly to your company’s accounting program.

Monitor the status of each job

View the % Completed status, and all other details, to keep your finger on the pulse of the progress of a job.

Generate insightful reports

Whether it’s the details of your job costing or the tally of all employee hours, you can glean much information from the Job Management system by taking advantage of its powerful reporting capabilities. Analyzing the data that it contains is the best way to manage your business and improve your day to day business practices.


Change order management

Change requests are significant factor that can eat away at your profits if they’re not managed effectively. Change orders will let you note and account for any changes that are requested in a job that’s already in progress.

Change Orders

If change orders aren’t handled properly, even small changes to a job can eat away at your profits. Instead of discouraging change requests, which can also be a good source of additional revenue, use Manage360’s Job Management component to manage any number of change orders, quickly and profitably. With it, you can easily add a change order to any job without altering the original contract.

Simply apply a change order process to the job and you’re free to:

  • add any additional components
  • remove or substitute any quantities
  • substitute items
  • increase or decrease kits
  • apply any refunds or rebates, and
  • generate new work orders and update timesheets, for each and every change request.

Change orders can be added to a job at any time, on the fly and on site. Once approved, it’s simply added to the current job in Manage360, which gives you different views of the job so you can see the original contract, the change orders, and a current view showing both.

With Job Management, each change order is tracked and billed separately, which not only ensures that you’ re paid for all additional work, but also lets you see exactly how you’re recovering your overhead for each change, and how all of the changes are affecting the job’s overall profitability.

With output to the client that’s based on the American Institute of Architects’ standard change order form, Job Management’s change order capacity is a simple solution to one of the industry’s most complex problems, namely, how to ensure that all of a job’s change orders are recorded, tracked and compensated for in a way that’s easy to do and consistent with your overhead recovery method.

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