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End-to-end Manage360 for landscape maintenance companies offers a feature-rich business management, cloud-based application that will take operations to new heights.

Sales Pipeline Management

Organize all of your company’s prospects and customers by sales phases that you define. Set start and due dates for each sales phase, and use this organization of your pipeline to quickly identify stagnant leads, bottlenecks and best opportunities. With the ability to see the exact sales phase for each and every contact, you can push more sales through the pipeline.

Cost-based Estimating

Using the Division-based overhead recovery model of your choice, you will easily create fast and accurate estimates for your Landscape Maintenance contracts. Choose contracted services, offer optional services, as needed and on demand services.


Professional Proposals

Quickly generate proposals based on your estimates. You can customize the terms and conditions, and use notes to outline details of each service. By generating your proposals automatically, you can submit more quotes and ensure that each proposal has the appropriate terms based specifically on that contract. Flexible print options allow you to show the information that you and your customers require. at.

Contract Management

Manage360 helps you keep your contract organized by managing all of the services your client has chosen to move forward with along with all of the specific details that were in the proposal carried forward to a manageable contract.

Estimate vs Actuals

The best way to judge the accuracy of your estimating process is to be able to compare your estimates with a job’s actual costs. In Job Management, you can enter those actuals for each item.

Scheduling & Routing

Quickly build your schedule and route your crews from within the contract or using our Scheduling tool. Either way, you’ll be able to manage all of the services on the contract and your crews in great harmony.

Make realistic sales projections

Minimize the guesswork in your sales projections by setting the probability and projected revenue for each lead. Setting and monitoring the predicted revenues from each sale lets you make more accurate sales projections and analyze the results to achieve greater accuracy in future projections.

Centralized costbook

To be able to prepare accurate estimates, you need to be able to have reliable prices at your fingertips. With Sales & Estimating, you enter all of your costs and prices into one central, consolidated cost book. That includes all material and plant prices, and all labor, equipment and subcontractor costing. By maintaining this centralized price list, you gain the confidence that you’re always basing your estimates on accurate, up to date and consistent figures. No more digging, searching or guessing.

Use the most appropriate overhead recovery model

Set the correct overhead mark-ups for all materials, labor, equipment and subcontractors, based on your budgeted numbers. This ensures that all overhead costs are built into every estimate, and allows you to determine the break-even point and calculate the net profit. Sales & Estimating supports all the proven overhead recovery models in the industry today, and allows you to choose the one that best suits your current situation.

Group your estimate

Organize your estimate by Contracted Services, Optional Services, As Needed Services, and On Demand Services and show your potential clients that you have put mindful thought into how your professional landscape business will care for their property.

Simplified setup

The system facilitates the setting up of your price list by allowing you to download plants directly from an online plant database, and to import price lists directly from suppliers. Setup time is quick when you don’t have to manually type in every plant name or supplier price list.

Field reporting

Generate automatic Work Orders, material lists, purchase orders and daily worksheets for your crews, to save time and ensure that they have everything that they need, on time, every time. Use your estimate to instruct your crews properly on what needs to be done, what time is allocated, and what equipment is required.


Track Every Visit

Every visit whether part of your contract or not is tracked recording all labor, materials, plants, and equipment. In depth dashboards allow you compare what you’ve estimated against actual costs, profitability, productivity, and much more.


Manage all of your maintenance visits from a central calendar with dynamic day/week/month views with the ability to see all of your crews’ work and availability. Schedule your maintenance visits and routes from this flexible, easy to use dispatch center.

Route Your Scheduled Visits

Once you have created your schedule, you can create and manage all of your routes using our dynamic route builder and manager. All unscheduled and unassigned work will be able to be routed ensuring nothing is missed or forgotten. Our integration with Google Maps will also ensure the most optimized route possible saving you drive time and fuel.

Creating and managing routes for regular services like your mow and trims or activating routes for a snow event.

Schedule visits and routes, dispatch crews, activate a snow route, and see all activity at a glance.

Google Maps Integration

By integrating Google Maps you’ll be able to select a group of clients in a selected geographical area to build your route then using our Optimize Route feature you’ll be able to ensure that the crew is taking the most efficient way possible saving time, money, and fuel and increasing the amount of time they have to be productive.

  • optimize your full route
  • select clients in a certain area
  • build routes based on geography
  • maximize the crew’s working time

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