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Fixes and Enhancements

  • Removed interdependence between line weight scaling and model scaling.
  • Fixed rendering error for zoomed in sections.
  • Fixed bug where grip appears after creating entity.
  • New Measure Angle tool added.
  • Ellipses and ellipse arcs in figures will now appear in converted figures.
  • Added rendering for ellipse arcs.
  • Fixed issue with collapsed arc boundaries
  • Added support for ellipses to AutoCAD export.
  • Fixed crash in grip initialization in edit ellipse arc.
  • Fixed “On” snapping for ellipses.
  • “Drawing Patterns” will not be added to the list of hatch categories when a drawing does not contain any hatches.
  • Fixed bug when selecting a layer or color when creating a point marker would not apply that style to the entity.
  • Updated prompt text for Scale Image
  • Fixed selection for empty text entities.
  • Removed unhatchable entities from selection when adding a hatch to a closed entity.
  • Fixed bug in creating an angled rectangle from 3 points.
  • Added new figure category for Light Fixtures.