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New Features

  • Added Radius Dimension tool to Creator.
  • Added two new figure categories to Insert Figure with 22 North Arrow figures and 6 Scale Bar figures.
  • Added City Blueprint to the list of fonts for text and leaders.
New North Arrow figures, City Blueprint font, and Radius Dimension examples

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed line weight after completing scale model operation on figures.
  • Resolved an issue preventing some larger drawings from being exported to DWG/DXF/PDF.
  • Fixed bug when looking at closely zoomed in circles.
  • Fixed bug where grip appears during Pan mode.
  • Fixed bug where move and rotate modes appear when only dimensions are selected.
  • Fixed bug in Extend where reference entity is not unselected.
  • Fixed status bar prompt for Measure Distance and Measure Angle.
  • Fixed status bar prompt in Softscape Labelling tool.
  • Added angle dynamic input to Edit Polygon.
  • Fixed bug where Create Hatch allows selection of open polylines.
  • Added tool specific help for Extend and Measure Angle.
  • Improved contrast when viewing figure previews in the Light theme. Removed color from some figures when using the Light color palette.