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New Features

Added the ability to duplicate along a line based on the desired total distance, rather than the separation distance between entities.

Added a new Grasses figure library. These figures will automatically be assigned to the Perennial/Ground Cover layer when used.

Added 7 new figures to the Aquatic Plants library.

Added 1″:1′, 1″:2′, and 1″:12′ to the list of available scales when creating a new drawing or editing drawing properties.

Fixes and Enhancements

Fixed an issue preventing large .dsdraw files from being imported.

Improved PDF export to include rotated images.

Added support for more hatch boundary types when importing from DWG/DXF.

The Scale Model tool has been renamed Rescale Model and moved into a new tool stack with Scale Image.

Improved how calculated properties are shown when using the Edit Multiple tool. Calculated properties will now only appear when all selected entities have a valid calculated length or area.

Changed the behaviour of the duplicate along a line tool. Instead of the translation point automatically being set to the centre of the figure (or figures), there is now a step to set a reference point for translation after entities have been selected.

Improved the performance of the delete tool in drawings with 1000s of entities.

The fixed duplicate count is now limited to 100 duplicates.

The prompt line will now display ENTER = Confirm and ESC = Abort while using the Drawing Properties tool.

Clearing the distance widget in a drawing with imperial units will switch back to using the mouse to set the distance.

Changing the font size when adding a softscape label will no longer cause the text to disappear.

Fixed an issue causing the quantity field to lose focus when clearing the value in the Softscape Labeling tool.

Fixed an issue preventing exporting drawings to DWG/DXF/PDF that were originally imported from AutoCAD files containing Arial or Verdana fonts.

Layer and Style are no longer disabled in the Edit Multiple Entities tool when two or more dimensions are selected.

The most recently used layer can now be hidden or shown and locked or unlocked in Layer Manager.

Fixed a performance issue when exporting drawings to DWG/DXF/PDF that contained nested figures.