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New Features

Added a new Realistic style that replaces Decorative Stone and adds 6 new swatches.

  • Decorative Stones
    • Recycled Glass
  • Turf/Grass
    • Grass
    • Flowering Moss
    • Moss
  • Water
    • Pool A
    • Pool B

The left side panel has been expanded to show four columns of swatches. Larger previews are shown after clicking a swatch, editing an existing swatch, or applying shadows.

PDF Quality Improvements

Quality of PDF and Print resolution image exports for ARCH E size presentations have been improved when using a high Buffer Size setting in View > Options > Print.

Text and Leaders

Fractions in text and leaders will be rendered as horizontal fractions instead of displaying formatting code generated by the fraction button in Design.

Architectural font now displays correctly when text contains ®.

Fixed an issue that would cause some curved sections in text to disappear when creating a new presentation in Color.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

Added Release Notes to Help menu for easy access to product updates.

Updated Welcome screen links to point to new, more helpful content.

A missing swatch in a style file will no longer prompt an error submission and prevent the rest of the swatches from loading. A popup will appear when switching styles, similar to the dialog shown when opening a presentation with missing swatches or rasters.

Areas filled using the solid fill hatch tool in Design will render as a solid black area rather than a black area with interspersed grey lines.

Updated DynaScape Color PDF Writer to to include the latest improvements and fixes.


  • Aaron D – Steve D’Amato Professional Landscape Designer
  • Allie C – Green Teams, Inc
  • Andrew J – Gary Anderson Lansdcaping, Inc
  • Austin V – Whatcom Landscapes
  • Dave G – RockBack Inc
  • Dawn E – Lowries Landscape Inc
  • Eric R – N.R.D. Landscape Design Inc
  • Gabe H – Weller Brothers
  • James M – Allen Outdoor Solutions
  • Jim G – Scapes, Inc
  • Katherine K – Your Space by Design
  • Patrick D – Duchene Design Solutions
  • Tom C – Landscape Solutions West LLC
  • Tyler F – Furuichi Design