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September 22nd at 10:30 PM ET – Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this update may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


Invoice Messages can be setup in the Settings: Invoice ‘Customer Messages’ can now be created in the Settings area of Manage360. This will allow the same Message to be used without having to re-enter it during the Invoice creation. It is also possible to set up a Message default that will automatically populate. A custom message can still be entered as needed.
The Messages can be found in the Settings -> Invoice Message section (in the Billing Settings). The Name of the message is what can be selected, while the Description is the actual message that will appear.

Once they have been setup, they can be selected by using the new Customer Message dropdown during Invoice creation and on the Invoice itself.

Also, Invoice comments will now be added to the customer message section of QuickBooks invoice. If the message exceeds the maximum length (QuickBooks) it will be added as a comment line to the invoice.

Sorting on Invoices:

  • Work orders are now sorted by date when billing multiple Work Orders on the same invoice.

Division Page:

  • Highlighting of Overhead Markup calculated fields:
  • Overhead markups on the division screen will be highlighted in yellow with an expected value shown on hover when it has been overridden from the auto-calculated amount in the following Overhead Recovery Models:
    • Labor Only
    • Single Markup
    • Multiple Markup – only the Labor markup
  • New Save button: Page can now be saved without having to exit and re-open
  • $/Hr Markup: The cents value will now be preserved when using the $/hr markup instead of rounding to the nearest dollar.
  • Single Markup: The production hours value will be preserved when switching to the Single Markup model.


  • Work Order Detail Page: Navigating away from the Work Order detail page after adding an item no longer prompts you to save changes if it has already been saved.
  • Account Fixes:
    • Enhanced the error checking to prevent the creation of Accounts with blank names.
    • Saving an Account before the page is finished loading will no longer result in the loss of billing information.
  • Maintenance Job Renewal: Corrected an issue preventing periodic billing maintenance jobs from renewing correctly.
  • Change Order list page: Fixed searching the change order list page to allow searching by the exact Change Order number.
  • Maintenance Estimates General Conditions: When applying General Conditions on a Maintenance Estimate, the position of the page will be retained.
  • Timesheet with 0 (zero) employee hours: Fixed an issue introduced in 4.02 that prevented Timesheets containing only one non-billable item from being saved if start and end times were blank.
  • Cancelling Maintenance Contracts: A message is now shown if a future periodic payment has already been invoiced when attempting to cancel a maintenance job.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

Dave K. – Whatcom Landscapes
Dawn S. – Greenskeeper
Stacey C. – Southern Landscape Group
Christian B. & Karen F. – Perfect Landscapes

We appreciate your suggestions, and encourage your feedback as Manage360 continues to evolve.