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Tuesday, March 32rd at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Maintenance Renewals: We’ve added a new feature that will allow you to renew your Maintenance contracts in bulk. There is a new page in Manage360 where you can find your list of Maintenance contracts that can be renewed. Click here for more details.
    • The renewable jobs can be found in Manage360 from Production -> Renewals
    • You can then filter the list of contracts based on contract dates, as well as the Divisions, Services or other relevant contract details.
    • You can also set the details for your renewals in bulk on the renewals list page including pricing options.
    • It is also possible to renew a job to the estimate level or all the way through to the job for all the selected contracts.
  • Accounting Connector – disable address syncing: There is now an option for the accounting connector that can be used to disable Account address information from syncing between QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) and Manage360. This can be found in the Settings – Billing Settings – Accounting Settings section.
  • Contacts Menu UI updates: All the options in the Contacts menu – Account, Contacts, Suppliers – have been updated to the current UI standards.
    • The View buttons have been updated to icons – the pencil icon allows editing of the view, while the plus button is for creating new views.
      View Buttons: Updated Icons
    • When using the search functionality on these list pages, Manage360 will now provide the search results for the selected view.
  • Opportunities List Page – Searching within views: Searching within the selected view is now available for the opportunity list page.
  • Costbook Administrator allow Material/Plant List Import: The Costbook Administrator role now can use the Import button from the Plant and Material lists in the costbook.
  • Performance:
    • Updating and improving several areas in the application to modernize and improve our data repositories


  • Only allowing a single Won Estimate per Opportunity: Estimates can no longer be ‘Won’ if another estimate has already been won in that specific Opportunity.
  • Kit naming on Change Orders: When a Kit is added to a Change Order, it will now respect the ‘Show lead item on Estimate beside Kit name’ setting and show the currently selected lead item in the add/edit menu.
  • Opening a Change Order: When an existing Change Order is opened, the page will no longer scroll to the Files section.
  • Kit Packs: The Kit Pack Kits will now respect the ‘Show lead item on Estimate beside Kit name’ in Estimates and Change Orders when it is enabled.
  • Accounting Connector:
    • Fix invoice payment for QBO: The tax mapping screen will be displayed correctly when the Manage360 taxes do not match the saved QuickBooks taxes. Invoices marked as paid no longer require a payment date in QBO.
    • Prevent Vendor number issue: Added additional validation when Suppliers are being added from QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Print/Email Later: The Print later and Email later options have been enabled for QuickBooks Online.
    • QuickBooks Desktop Sub customer: Fixed a case sensitivity issue when a newly linked billing customer is attempted to be linked with an existing sub customer in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Timesheet Job Log – Items Being Obstructed: Fixed obstruction of larger item lists in the Timesheet Job Log dialog.
  • Contact Support page not working: The Contact Support page has been fixed.
  • Estimates – Add item cut off: Fixed an issue where the page numbers at the bottom of the ‘Add Items to Estimate’ window could be cut off for Mac Chrome users.
  • Mobile section in Configuration: Configuration settings for the mobile app are now hidden for companies where that module is not enabled.
  • Mobile App Improvements:
    • Fixed an issue with notes causing the mobile app to hang.
    • Fixed a locking issue with submitted timesheets.
    • Behind the scenes enhancements and optimizations to improve performance and reliability
      • Replaced the library used for location services

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Ainsley B – Green Ventures
  • Anna B – Kirby Landscaping
  • Arlin H – A Plus Landscaping
  • Dan R – Great Oaks Landscape
  • Dave K – Whatcom Landscapes
  • David M – AK Landscaping
  • Gerard G – Wildridge
  • Jeremy S – Scarlett’s Landscape
  • JP Bartle – Quiet Nature
  • Karen F – Perfect Landscapes
  • Mike M – Diggable Designs
  • Rich A – Apex Landscaping
  • Rosalie T – TDH Landscaping
  • Samuel H – Exterior Maintenance
  • Scott S -Green Meadows
  • Scott W – Envisioning Green
  • Simon D – Darlington Designs
  • Zach B – Southern Ground Control
  • Andy F, Justin B, Bill B – Live Well Outdoors