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Wednesday, April 7th at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Add Service filter to Timesheet Notes report: The Timesheet Notes report can now be filtered by Services and Service categories.

  • Kit Packs – Allow editing during add process: It is now possible to edit the quantity and lead items (if the Kit has them) of Kits in the Add Kit Pack dialog for both construction estimates and change orders.

  • Performance
    • Updating and improving several areas in the application to modernize and improve our data repositories.


  • Maintenance Renewals text on renewal confirmation: The confirmation message has been adjusted when renewing jobs from the bulk renewal screen.

  • User Preferences Not Saving: An issue where user preferences were not being saved– including which Views were last used, has been corrected.

  • Kit Packs:
    • Scroll bar needed: Scroll bar is now available when adding many items from a Kit Pack.
    • Proper spacing of text: Updated Kit Pack titles to ensure proper spacing and updated older estimate dialogs to resemble newer change order dialogs.

  • Accounting Connector:
    • Service list in QuickBooks Online (QBO): The Services/Division list when mapping from QBO is now ordered based on name instead of the parent service’s name.
    • QBO – Automated Tax Syncing Error: Corrected an issue with the accounting connector and QBO with Automated Sales Tax. Total tax values should now be correctly transferred from Manage360 to QBO.
    • QBO Migration update: When a customer switches from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, additional checks have been added for any failed records that may have existed from before the conversion.

  • Estimate Billing – Fix Periodic Dates: Fixed periodic billings to properly store dates across various time zones.

  • Timesheets:
    • Work Order item appearing on multiple Timesheets: Fixed an issue where a work order could be added to a second timesheet when two timesheets with the same crew are used.
    • Job Log display issues: Corrected a display issue on the Construction Job Log screen on the timesheet page where the start time would not update to the correct employee when the Foreman was changed prior to opening the Job Log.

  • Reports:
    • Timesheet notes report – filter issue: Fixed the Timesheet Notes report so that it properly excludes Time & Material items and includes non-billables regardless of Services/Service Categories being filtered on.
    • Material List Report – Include purchasing tax in Total Cost: The Material List report now factors in the purchasing tax and warranty into the total cost calculation.

  • Issue when adding items to unsaved Kit clones: It is now possible to add an item to a newly cloned kit before it has been saved.

  • Display of icon on Job Actuals tab (Maintenance): Fixed a display issue on the maintenance job actuals page which was hiding the icon when Services and Visits were expanded.

  • Only allow one Supplier to be default: When a supplier is set as default (Contacts – Suppliers) it will now be set as the only default supplier.

  • Moving items between Work Areas: Fixed an issue that was preventing items from being moved to a different work area right after being added.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Ainsley B – Green Ventures
  • Brad M – Carolyn’s Landscaping
  • David K – Whatcom Landscapes
  • Jarrod L – Well Rooted Gardens
  • Justin B – LiveWell Outdoors
  • Karen F – Perfect Landscapes
  • Pam M – Simply Landscaping
  • Stephen P – Mowhawk Maintenance