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Tuesday, May 11th at 5:00 AM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Reports
    • Allow CSV export of Plant/Material Reports: The plant and material list reports can now be exported directly to CSV to make the updating and importing process easier. This export will contain all the required columns for the Material/Plant import 
    • Direct Export of Reports: We have added the ability to export the Reports to Excel and PDF directly from the report detail screen. The ‘View Report’ button at the top of the screen will now have options for running the report as before, but also options to directly create the PDF or Excel exports. 


  • Inline editing of Budget and Probability on the Opportunity List page: Both the Estimated Budget and Probability can now be edited directly on the Opportunity list page. Clicking on the fields will change them into a text box where the new information can be entered. 


  • Employees 
    • Edit username: Administrator users can now change their own usernames from the Settings. 
    • Delete former Users: If a User is not being referenced anywhere in Manage360 (i.e. they were never used on a Timesheet, or assigned to an Opportunity or Estimate, or are part of a Crew) they can now be deleted when the employee record is deleted instead of making the employee inactive. 


  • Costbook – Clone Subcontractors: It is now possible to clone subcontractors from the Actions button of the Subcontractor. All information in the Subcontractor will be copied except for the Name. 


  • Performance
    • Updating and improving several areas in the application to modernize and improve our data repositories 


  • Linked Contact Crashes: Addressed an issue where clicking a linked Contact card from a Supplier could cause an error. 


  • Inline Editing of Task dates on Construction Job page is broken: Fixed an issue preventing the due date of a task from being changed when the date picker appeared above the task row in the list 


  • Estimate Proposal – Include Phones in Primary Contact: Fixed an issue on the Maintenance proposal generator to ensure the primary contact phone number appeared as expected. 


  • Only Audio is working on .3GP files: Fixed playback of .3GP files from the files gallery.


  • Construction Estimate – Initial Plant DMX Import error: Resolved error when importing plants for the first time.


  • Work Order duration issue: Completed work orders will no longer be shown on the scheduling calendar when their expected duration exceeds the actual clock in time


  • No date validation in list View dialog: Prevented incorrect dates from being saved when creating Views. 


  • Selecting Duration Units: We have addressed an issue where the duration Units on a Work Order could not be edited. 

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release: 

  • Brittany J – Wild Ridge  
  • Debbie D, Paul S – Kindergan 
  • Grethel N – Noble Garden Design 
  • Jen K – Bahler Brothers Inc. 
  • Mackenzie P - A & K Landscaping 
  • Matt C – Premier Outdoor Environments 
  • Sara D – Landscape Associates 
  • Steven J, Michael W – Envisioning Green