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Wednesday, September 1 at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • New Gap time column on the Timesheet detail page: A new Gap column has been added to the Employee Summary section on the timesheet to show the gaps (if any) for all the employees, calculated across each job/task that is present on the timesheet. This is only visible when viewing the ‘Advanced’ view of the Timesheet.
  • Mobile Update – Add a next button to the labor dialog: Added a next button beside the done button for the labor popup on the job log screen. This will make navigation easier when allocating labor for the crew members. The Done button will now close the dialog.



  • Importing Kit with multiple identical lead items: We have fixed an issue preventing dmx files from importing properly when a kit had the same lead item multiple times.


  • Issue editing cost book from an estimate item: With this change we are appending the ‘Inactive’ text to the already selected tax if it is made inactive. Previously, when any tax became inactive it would not appear on the list if it was the selected option.


  • Payment Schedules deletion: We are now preventing deletion of payment schedules from the Settings – Payment Schedules section that are in use on an estimate.


  • Report names with apostrophe: Fixed a report viewing error when report names would include special characters such as single quotes.


  • Change Orders – Substitution does not happen as expected when there is a combination of substituting kit item + a non-kit item: When substituting an item from a kit the new item was being added into the same kit of the item being removed, The default kit will now be the selected kit from the substituted item but can still be changed in the Advanced section when adding the item in the shopping cart.


  • Change Orders – Issue when costbook kit is deleted: Fixed an issue that would prevent a change order from loading correctly when the kit that was added to the change order was deleted from the costbook


  • Construction milestone payment validation: Added validation on the construction estimate payment schedules so that the names can only be 40 characters.


  • “Non-Billable Paid” column was not reflecting the correct values: The Non-Billable paid column will now show the values as expected.


  • Employee Summary Issue: We have addressed an issue where the end time was not showing properly in the employee summary.


  • Timesheet no times validation: Changed the “employee must have a start and end times” validation message to be on Approval only instead of on Save.


  • Kit Pack – Allow Zero Quantity without validation: Kit items under Kit Packs can have a quantity of zero.


  • Scheduling calendar slowdown issue: The calendar loaded the scheduled events slowly when there were construction jobs that had long (multi-year) durations. The performance has been improved to better handle this scenario.

  • New work order refresh: Fixed an issue where creating a new non-contract work order was not properly redirecting on the first save.

  • Date issue with timezones: This fix will show the phase-start-date for a maintenance / construction estimate to show the correct current browser date. (ONLY certain ones)

  • Issue when adding misc fixed priced item to job Actuals: When adding a fixed priced Misc Item directly to the job actuals the unit cost is now brought in as $0 instead of the -$1.

  • Issue Linking Billing Accounts: Fixed an event timing issue preventing eligible billing customers from being listed on the account page.

  • Job actuals cost not working: Clearing out the Actual Unit Cost in the Job Actuals tab will no longer prevent you from updating the field.


A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Amy S – LaMond
  • Bill B, Justin B – The Sharper Cut
  • Christian B – Perfect Landscapes
  • Chip B – Ecoscapes
  • Curtis S, Rhiannon G – Rosehill Gardens
  • Dan R – Great Oaks
  • Dave K – Whatcom
  • Dawn B – Everett’s
  • Eric S – Darlington Designs
  • Jeff J, Todd D – Green Grass
  • Jennifer N – GreenWeaver
  • Lauren H – Stuber Land Design
  • Rosalie T – TDH
  • Steven J – Envisioning Green
  • Sulley P – A Plus
  • Todd D – Green Grass