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Wednesday, October 6 at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Jobsites: We have now added Jobsites to the Accounts in Manage360. This will allow a single account to have as many jobsites as necessary (i.e., one customer has more that one site that is going to be serviced). A default jobsite will automatically be created from the Account primary address. The Property tab replaced by a Jobsites tab, and the Property information will now be moved to the jobsites. Existing users can continue to work with no impact to workflow or create jobsites to take advantage of new feature. More detailed information can be found here:
  • Additional Column to show Task information: Account, Opportunity, and Job list views now have an additional Task column indicating if the number of completed and total tasks. Clicking the Task link will open the task tab for that item.
  • Crew option added to the Maintenance Visit Report: The Maintenance Visit report will now have an option in the ‘Show’ section to allow the Crew to be displayed on the report. If selected, then crew that was assigned to the Visit will be shown on the report output.


  • Mobile – Clear Transactions: We have added the ability to delete pending transactions in the mobile app.
  • Mobile – Display issue on newer iPhones: Fixed a display issue where the auto scroll for the next input was hidden behind the keyboard on newer iPhones
  • Import Validation enhancements: Added better handling for commas within columns for the Account, Plant and Material imports
  • Construction Job – Hourless Job Log: Enhanced the error message when trying to submit a Timesheet for approval that does not contain any hours on the Job Log.
  • Issue with Customer search from Account – Billing Info: Addressed an issue where searching for a linked billing account could time out.
  • Filtering Visits: Fixed an issue that was preventing the filtering of Visits on the Visits tab of a Maintenance Job.
  • Issue editing cost book from an estimate item: With this fix, any deactivated Sales Tax will be shown with the ‘Inactive’ text appended to it in the dropdown, if it was already being used on the Estimate.
  • Job progress display issue: Updated the Percentage Completion of construction jobs to show 4 decimal places when changed.
  • Item quantity issues on Kit: We have added a check to prevent an event timing issue where deleting the quantity of the item being added to a kit would result in an ‘NaN’ for the Round To value.
  • Timesheet default lunch timing issue: Fixed the lunch start and end times when creating a timesheet and division’s lunch is scheduled beyond 11:59 PM of the timesheet’s work day.
  • View change after Refresh Estimate: When Refreshing a construction estimate, the View will no longer switch back to the Simple view, it will use the selected View instead.
  • Issue with General Conditions Recalculation: Refreshing General Conditions uses correct Crew Size and Total Working Hours/Day on Estimate Save
  • Refresh Pricing Services issue: Addressed an issue where the Refresh Pricing option on the Services was not clearing and allowing items to be added to a Service.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Andrew S. – Sebastian Design Build
  • Brad M. – Carolyns Landscaping
  • Christian B. – Perfect Landscapes
  • Dan R. – Great Oaks Landscaping
  • Dave K. – Whatcom Landscapes
  • Jessica D. – Salisbury Landscaping
  • Jon B. – High Caliber Landscaping
  • Lauren H. – Stuber Land Design
  • Sal B. – Gasper
  • Simon D. – Darlington Designs
  • Steven J – Envisioning Green