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Monday, March 7 at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Company Profitability Report: We now have a new report named “Company Job Profitability” which rolls up the data in the 3 existing Job Profitability reports (Construction, Maintenance, and Non-Contact). This report will allow you to see the overall profitability across all Divisions and types of work.
  • Create detailed invoices for contracted visits (non-T&M): When creating an invoice for Visits (Work Orders), there is now an option to create a detailed version. This will work the in the same way as the current functionality for T&M Work Orders.
  • Additional outcomes for Estimates and Change Orders: We have added the ‘Not Qualified’ outcome to estimates. This can be selected from the Actions menu of the Construction Estimate. Additionally, Change Orders can now be marked as ‘Not Qualified’ or ‘Lost’.
Construction Estimate Outcomes
Change Order Outcomes
  • Kit Pack Categories: Categories can now be added to Kit Packs in the Costbook. When adding Kit Packs to an Estimate, the Category can then be used when searching.
  • Update the new version message: The message has been updated to be more specific when a new version of a closed estimate is created.
  • Negative Quantities on the Purchase Order Report: The Purchase Order report on the Change Order will now included negative quantities (in the case where an item has been reduced or deleted).
  • Searching within Views: All the list pages throughout the application now have a consistent response to searching, view selection, and sorting. When you search for something in the list, it will search within the selected view rather than across the unfiltered list. Sorting will now be retained if you switch views or re-search.
  • Links on the Route detail: We have added links to both the Account and Job on the Route Details tab.


  • Accounting Connector: A new validation error will be displayed when using QuickBooks Online US if a division is mapped to a service category that can no longer be used. This will then allow the mapping to be reset and remapped from the Mapping -> Division tab of the accounting connector.
  • QBO Sync: Invoices synced to QuickBooks Online will now automatically set the allow CC or ACH fields in QBO to true. There is also improved error handling and when the sync fails the reason will be added to the log.
  • Bulk Renewals: The Bulk Renewals screen was occasionally becoming unresponsive if too many jobs were up for renewal within your filter criteria. We have modified the page to limit the number of Jobs in the list to 50 to prevent this problem. This limit can be removed via a checkbox on the bottom of the filter menu.
  • Timesheet job log display issues: This fix will ensure that changing or removing the foreman will not affect the placement of arrow button on the Job Log.
  • Changing foreman on a Timesheet: We have added a fix so that the Timesheet page will be refreshed when the foreman is updated to show the proper employee order.
  • Long employee names: Updated the display on the Clock Ins windows so that long employee names are displayed properly.
  • Expiring Maintenance Job Report: We have added some speed improvements to the calculations of Job Actuals in Maintenance contacts. This will help reduce the wait times for various pages and reports that rely on this data.
  • Crew Audit Map page using wrong company address: The Crew Audit Location mapping page was using the Company’s mailing address instead of the physical address. This has been fixed.
  • Report parameter error: In scenarios where a report parameter did not have any available options, we have prevented the report from failing.
  • Default Proposal formatting: We have fixed line break issue in the default proposal relating to address line 2.
  • Work Orders list page speed: We have made improvements to how we calculate, sort, and retrieve the data in order on the Work Order list page to speed it up.
  • Kit name disappears when lead item changed: We have addressed an issue so that the Kit name updates correctly when Lead Item is changed on Construction estimates.
  • ‘Hide on Proposal’ flag not being kept: The ‘Hide on Proposal’ flag is now being kept for all item types as they are being added via a Kit to a Construction estimate.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Bill B, Justin B – The Sharper Cut
  • Christian B – Perfect Landscapes
  • Dave K – Whatcom Landscapes
  • Jake B – Arbor Illuminations
  • Jeff S – St.George Landscape & Garden Design, L.C.
  • JoLynn M – Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture
  • Lana M – Bella Terra Landscapes
  • Lauren H – Stuber Land Design
  • Rosalie T – TDH Landscaping
  • Stephani G – Biota Landscapes
  • Stephen P – Mowhawk Maintenance Ltd.
  • Steven J – Envisioning Green