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Tuesday, May 24 at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Adding a Fuel Surcharge – Invoices: We have added a new feature to allow fuel surcharges to be applied to invoices. This can be done to a single invoice or multiple invoices and can be done from wherever an invoice is created in Manage360. This surcharge amount is applied to the invoice total before tax and will be percentage of the total invoice (before tax). There are two new settings in the My Company Settings – Configuration area that can be set. One is for setting the default of whether a surcharge will be applied and the other is the default surcharge percentage.
Settings – Billing Options
Surcharge Options
  • Additional outcomes for Maintenance Estimate: We have added the ‘Not Qualified’ outcome to Maintenance Estimates. This can be selected from the Actions menu of the Maintenance Estimate – ‘Disqualify Estimate’. This will set the opportunity to Not Qualified as well.
Maintenance Estimate – Not Qualified
  • More Job information on Calendar pop up: This new feature will make the Construction Job Start and End dates to be visible and editable on the Job pop from the calendar. The Crews can also be seen and edited from the pop up. Additionally, the total Labor (Estimated vs. Actual) will also be shown. 
Calendar Job Information
  • View Invoiced Amount: When an invoice is created from a Job (Construction or Maintenance) or a Work Order, the amount to be invoiced will be visible. 


  • Plant Size negative values: We have fixed an issue which could allow negative values to be entered into the Labor for Plant sizes. 
  • Work Order Report (Maintenance Jobs) – Contact information: We have addressed an issue where the Work Order report would not show the Primary Contact information. 
  • Invoicing negative work area totals: Fixed an issue where in some instances a Construction Estimates with negative amounts could not be invoiced.
  • Accounting Connector crashes:  The Accounting connector will display an error in an invalid QuickBooks company file name path is used.
  • Work order duration calculation issue: The Work Order duration is only calculated if it has labor hours. 
  • Select All Options: Fixed an issue preventing the use of the ‘Select All’ option multiple times on the Opportunity list page. Also, the ‘Select All’ option to the Construction Estimate list page. 
  • New division fields: Fixed an issue that was preventing decimal values being entered for Labor Burden and Default Warranty fields on new Divisions.
  • Account address display on Timesheet: The Account address is no longer cut off when a visit has a jobsite name displayed. 
  • Empty box on Maintenance Estimates: We have removed an unnecessary text box from recurring Services on maintenance estimates. 
  • Special characters not handled on route page: Addresses with special characters will now display correctly for Route Occurrences and Contracted Service search results.
  • Maintenance Job Cost Detail Report: We have addressed an issue that was causing optional services to be visible on the job cost detail report in some instances. 
  • Timesheet approval error: Addressed an issue that was causing grouped visits to count as overlaps when approving a timesheet. 
  • Kit quantities (‘None’ Overhead Recovery): Fixed a validation issue with the quantity textbox when adding kits to a change order preventing the quantity from properly changing. This was only happening in Divisions using the ‘None’ overhead recovery option. 
  • Winning Maintenance Estimates with periodic mismatch turned off: Added additional validation to the ‘Estimate Won’ button to prevent the win dialog from opening when you have a periodic payment mismatch and have not checked off the “Allow Periodic Payment Mismatch” option. 

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Candace K – Kirbys Landscaping 
  • Janelle D – Designer Concepts Landscape Architecture, Inc. 
  • Joe R – Colao & Peter Luxury Outdoor Living 
  • Leslie A – The Greenskeeper 
  • Ray D – Premier Outdoor Environments, Inc. 
  • Shannon M – Garden Holistics 
  • Steven J – Envisioning Green