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Tuesday, August 16 at 10:30 PM ET: your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Construction Job reports by date: You can now split the job detail data by timesheet work date for the following construction reports: Job Cost Detail, Job Cost Labor, and Job Profitability. There is a new option called ‘Display Results’. If ‘By Job’ is selected, the report will behave as it had previously. If ‘By Date’ is selected, then only data between the Start and End Date will be used (based on the Timesheet data). 
  • Invoice subtotal by jobsite: Jobsite subtotals have been added to invoices. When Jobsites are used when billing a maintenance contract the subtotal for each Jobsite will be shown.
  • Allow 3 digits in the Default Days for Estimate to Expire: The Default Days for Estimate to Expire field can now contain up to 3 digits. The maximum value is 365. 
  • Material List Report – Add Item Description option:  We have added an option to show the Item Description on the Material List Report. 
  • Distinguish between instructions and notes on timesheet list page: We have split the timesheet item notes into Crew Notes and Job Notes with a button representing each. The icon with the ‘C’ represents Notes from the Crew, and the ‘J’ represents Crew and Daily Instructions.
  • Additional detail on percentage completion invoice line item: We have added more detail to the line item on the invoice when the Job is being billed using the Percentage Completion option.  
  • Hide on proposal dialog for General Conditions and Cost book items: General Conditions and Cost book items ‘Kits’ can now be hidden on proposals. 
  • Maintenance visits: The visits tab of a maintenance job is now paginated to help with load time on Jobs that have a large number of Visits. 


  • Proposal Not Showing All Items: Fixed an issue where some kits were not being shown in certain cases where the kit items were being merged. 
  • Special characters in the Timesheet search: Fixed the rendering of special characters in the Address field for each searched item on the timesheet detail page. 
  • Timesheet slowdowns: Addressing Timesheet slowdowns that could occur when editing times on a large timesheet. 
  • Output issues on Work Order report: The Work Order report will now correctly display the estimate item description. 
  • Job actuals Misc items overhead: Fixed an issue causing overhead markup rates for Misc Items on construction estimates to be calculated incorrectly on the Job Actuals tab. 

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Bill B, Justin B – Livewell Outdoors 
  • Brian M – Artisan Outdoor 
  • Christine K – Lowney’s Landscape Center
  • Dan R – Great Oaks Landscape 
  • Daniel R – Harris Landscape Construction 
  • Eric B – Peola Design + Build LLC 
  • Kary N – Yorkville Hill Landscaping Inc. 
  • Keith D – Bella Terra Landscapes
  • Miles W – Distinctive Landscaping 
  • Ray D – Premier Outdoor Environments Inc. 
  • Steven J, Rob M – Envisioning Green 
  • Tamy T – Lynch Landscape & Tree Services 
  • Vicki D – EverGreen Landscape Associates LLC