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Wednesday, March 1 at 10:30 PM ET: Your Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version. We expect this may take up to 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.


  • Showing Item Description on Estimate: We have added the option to be able to see the description of items when the Edit Item dialog is opened on Construction Estimates. The description can be edited (only applies to this Estimate). For existing Estimates, the description will only be shown in the item already had a description in the Costbook. If a new description is added, the individual items can be edited and updated if you would like it to be shown.
  • Opportunity List Report – Private Notes: We have added a new option to the Opportunity List report. It is now possible to show the ‘Private Notes’ from the Opportunity on that report. It will be a new option in the Show section of the report parameters.
  • Bulk Renewals – Contract Start/End Dates: In bulk maintenance contract renewals, contracts will now default to renew within the upcoming year rather than assume the renewal is always just one year after the original contract. You also now have the option to use the “Set Defaults” option to override these dates with a custom date range.
  • Timesheet Validation: We have added additional validation during the Timesheet approval process to ensure that the expected duration is equal to the job log entries. On Timesheets where there is a discrepancy between the two, approval will not be allowed.
  • Preventing negative values on construction estimates: Negative quantities, unit cost and unit price will not be allowed on construction estimates.
  • Updating Support Links: We have updated the support links on the Materials, Plants, and Account Import pages to point to their new locations.


  • Labor Only Overhead Recovery Divisions: Profit adjustments to contracts using Labor Overhead Recovery were previously failing to show messages when the new profit was unavailable. This message has been restored.
  • Timesheet validation – non-billable overlaps: We have addressed an issue, so if a non-billable item overlaps the entire construction job, the expected duration will be shown as ‘0’.
  • Long Taxes list issue: We have addressed an issue where a long list of taxes could cause the list to not be visible when changing taxes on a Maintenance Estimate.
  • Maintenance Renewals
    • Timeout issue: We have addressed an issue where opening the Renewals page could time-out on large jobs/databases.
    • Region filter error: The Renewals page filter will no longer crash when opening.
    • Proposal issue when doing a renewal: When renewing maintenance jobs, the headers and footers from the original proposal were not being copied to the new estimate. This has been fixed.
  • Work Order report – page margins: Fixed the Work Order – Job report to ensure that the margins were not causing any unnecessary blank pages.
  • Material List report – Item merging: On the Material List report, when the same item appeared on the same contract multiple times, they were not always combined into a single line item. This was happening often due to items from change orders having a slightly different format than original items. This difference has been resolved, and the items will now be combined successfully.
  • Files – uploading: Resolved an issue that caused a file to appear as if it was constantly uploading. The system will now track its status properly and show success once it’s done.
  • Misc Items Profit Override: Addressed an issue where the Profit input for Misc Items could be missing in certain cases.
  • Subcontractor Report: Fixed an issue where the Overhead % was not displaying as expected in the Subcontractor List report.
  • Job Actuals tab: We have addressed an issue that was causing the Job Log column on the Job Actuals tab of a Construction Job to not display the correct information.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Adam A – Landscape Studio Group
  • Arlin H, Sulley P – A Plus Landscaping
  • Gary K – Gary Krause Landscaping and Design
  • Justin B – Livewell Outdoors
  • Krista K – Corso’s Flower and Garden Center
  • Natalie K – Younie Lawnscapes
  • Nathan F – Smart Outdoor Living
  • Rosalie T – TDH Landscaping
  • Steve G – Green View Companies
  • Steven J – Envisioning Green