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Import geometry from vector PDFs

  • Vector based PDFs can now be imported into Design and will be converted to geometry. View the PDF and find the scale. Start a new drawing in Design with the desired scale, go to File > Import > “PDF into the current drawing”. Then choose a file and set the scale of the original drawing. Click Import and geometry will be imported and re-scaled to match the current drawing.

AutoCAD Import/Export

  • AutoCAD import and export have been updated to use a newer version of the third party library.
  • Fixed an issue that caused geometry to be imported from an AutoCAD file but the drawing would look blank.
  • Drawings using 18×24 titleblocks will no longer show scribbles when exported to AutoCAD.
  • Importing AutoCAD drawings with text entities containing Unicode characters that cannot be converted to Design text will be replaced by an underscore instead of stopping and having random text appended to the end.
  • Reflect support for AutoCAD 2021 by showing AutoCAD r32 (2018-2021) in Export to AutoCAD dialog window.


  • DynaScape Design has a new logo and capitalization. Watch for new colors on splash screens and the installer!


  • Hardscape Labeling panel will not respond on clicking on ‘Go’ or ‘Insert’ buttons in the measuring tools section if there is no item selected.
  • Insert will no longer be disabled the first time hardscape labeling is launched when using design labels and the list contains at least one label.
  • Correct keyed leader will be displayed for each new label created for a plant figure in the same location point when using inference.

Work Areas/Phases for Plant Schedules and Plant Picture Catalogs

  • Plant schedules can now be generated for a specific work area/phase by choosing a quotation group from the new drop down list. If no labels are grouped the default All Work Areas/Phases will include all plants in the drawing.
  • Exporting a Plant Picture Catalogue now allows choosing a specific quotation group. This is useful for producing separate catalogues for each portion of a multi-phase project.

Building Outline Tool

  • Finishing a building outline with a window or door segment will no longer turn off fill.
  • It is no longer possible to switch direction until an outline is finished to prevent rendering and measurement issues.
  • No computer beeps when using Building Outline Tool with Snap ortho on.

Other Fixes

  • Nearby polylines should no longer be selected when clicking on a line or figure.
  • Zooming or scrolling while entering Quick Text will no longer replace the text. Finishing text entry by pressing Enter will re-enable zooming and scrolling.
  • Fixed several scenarios that prevented offsetting lines and polylines.
  • Creating a Plant Picture Catalog will no longer display an error when a drawing contains a plant that was removed from the OPD.
  • Resolved an issue preventing setting a custom plant image in the Plant List Editor if the last used location is no longer accessible.
  • Improved handling of invalid or inaccessible plant and design label files.

Help Related Changes

  • Online Manual on the Help menu goes to the new help system.
  • Added Release Notes and Privacy Policy to Design’s Help menu.
  • Clicking the Help button on various Design dialogs in Windows 10 will open the Online Manual instead of the WinHelp installation instructions page, which are not relevant.
  • Updated EULA link to match new location on website.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Patrick D – DuChene Design Solutions
  • Margaret FJ – Exterior Designscapes of NY, Inc
  • Anne F – LID Landscapes
  • Charlene C – Eastside Landscaping, Inc.
  • Austin P – Geared for Growing
  • Aja H