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Softscape Labeling

  • Added key codes as an optional column when exporting plant lists to Excel or Word.
  • Plant Picture Catalogs can now be sorted by Common or Botanical Name.

Hardscape Labeling

  • Adding a Hardscape material label from Manage360 will no longer include the supplier name.
  • Fixed an issue with totals shown in material list exports to Excel when exporting plants and materials grouped by work area and some work areas had only one type.

AutoCAD Import/Export

  • AutoCAD import and export have been updated to use a newer version of the third party library.
  • Imported vector PDFs will use line styles to apply colors ByLayer rather than applying a color directly to each entity.
  • Improved logic that shortens long AutoCAD layer names to avoid duplicates.
  • Reflect support for AutoCAD 2022 when exporting.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to import an AutoCAD drawing with text entities longer than 2000 characters.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

  • Closing a drawing that has different Inference/Constraint/Copy/Fill etc. toggle buttons should no longer result in those buttons rendering incorrectly when the previous drawing is reactivated.
  • Fixed an issue that would make a read-only warning message appear unnecessarily when opening the Plant List Editor.
  • Improved memory usage when loading a large plant list in the labeling panel, Plant List Editor, or during Plant Picture Catalog creation that should result in fewer error submission popups.
  • Updated links in Softscape Labeling to Manage360 and OPD to use the default browser instead of Internet Explorer.
  • Updated the high DPI warning message to reflect the location of the settings in Windows 10.

A special thank you to the following for their recommendations which helped to shape this release:

  • Estelle E – Garden Mates, LLC
  • Jennifer N – GreenWeaver Landscapes
  • Susy A
  • Priscilla F – James Landscaping, Inc.
  • Anne M – Sargent’s Nursery
  • Grethel N – Noble Garden
  • Patrick D – DuChene Design Solutions
  • Souhila B – Frank & Grossman Landscaping
  • David R – Tracer Companies
  • Steve S – Steve Secondo Designs
  • Eli C – Remote Design Solutions
  • Frederick P – Green Apple Landscaping