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New Figures

The newest update for DynaScape Design is full of figures! We’ve added 10 new libraries to Design containing 188 new figures, which can be found grouped together at the bottom of the library explorer. Resetting the DS folder will sort the new figure libraries alphabetically, and you can manually sort the order of all libraries by using the Library Manager under the Tools menu in Design.

  • SPORTS-6

AutoCAD Import/Export

  • Removed additional AutoCAD formatting code from imported text and labels.
  • Added conversion of AutoCAD fractions into Design fractions.
  • Fractions in Design drawings will be exported to AutoCAD as x/y, instead of stacking what looked like gibberish.
  • Design will now audit AutoCAD files for corruption and attempt to repair them during the import process.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

  • The Architectural font has been modified to add horizontal space around the “I” character. This should reduce printed drawings with text or labels containing “II” from being misinterpreted as misspelled.
  • Adding a newly created figure library to the Library Manager will no longer require Design to be restarted before a figure can be added to the new library.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to open a drawing containing a long raster file name that no longer existed at the expected path.
  • Fixed a crash when rendering large blocks of text in PlainTriplex that occurred if the drawing was zoomed out to the point that the text was barely readable.
  • Attempting to move or copy linear dimensions with empty text will no longer cause Design to hang. 


  • Richard S – Designing Eden
  • Scott M – Common Ground
  • Tom H – Homestead Landscaping
  • Mason S – Blanchford Landscape Group
  • Humberto D – Designed Landscapes
  • Taryn T – Treehouse Landscape Design
  • Signe D – Surrounds Landscape Design
  • Brian H – Finnerty, LLC
  • Ted H
  • Laura G – The Outdoor Room, LLC
  • Michael D – Dwyer Designscapes
  • Susy A
  • Ellen E – Fresh Eggs Design
  • Mark T – Four Seasons Landscaping of Dixon, Inc
  • Jon K – Whatcom Landscapes