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Added 4 new libraries to Design: 

  • POOLS-6B 
  • 2D TREES-6 

New 2D Trees library added with multi-stem trees, columnar trees for live privacy screens, and others, including Color Outline for use in DynaScape Color. 

New modern and rectangular pool figures, along with a library of pool accessories containing spillways and new step options, and a library of people floating on pool mats and tubes. 

Construction Detail figures text updated with spaces around “i” characters for easier readability. 

Figures in the EXIST REMAIN-6 and EXIST REMOVE-6 libraries have been renamed to add _REMAIN and _REMOVE to avoid issues when copying and pasting. 

Hatch Patterns

New “DynaScape Patterns – Cut Flagstone” Hatch library for cut flagstone with multiple stone separation and fill patterns. 

Plants and Estimating

Costbook item information from Manage360 is now available in Design. 

SKU has been added as an optional column when labeling from a custom plant list. 

Go to Settings to edit the Search Results Columns Shown and add these fields to your labelling view.  

Plants with unique Common names that are missing a Botanical name will no longer be incorrectly combined when adding a plant schedule to a drawing. 

Plants with unique Common names that are missing a Botanical name will no longer be incorrectly combined when exporting plants to a material list. 

Drawing Tool Improvements

Cleaned up the Building Outline dialog for clarity and ease of use. 



New installations of DynaScape Design will have building line defaults of weight 7 for window sections and weight 1 for doors to differentiate them visually. 

Layer Table Editor now shows 10 layers instead of 6. To move more quickly through the list, click the dark grey area of the scrollbar to jump by 10 layers. 



Offset will now default to 1 foot instead of 1 inch. If the drawing units are meters, it will default to 30 cm. 

Other Fixes and Improvements

City Blueprint, Leroy, Manual, Plain, and Plain Simplex fonts have been modified to add horizontal space around “1, I, i and l” characters. This should reduce printed drawings containing quantities or measurements of “11” from being misinterpreted as “1”. 

Added Vector to the import menu item for PDFs to differentiate between raster PDFs, which are still inserted using the raster image tool. 

Fixed an error preventing download of all sunset zones and plant types from the OPD that appeared after the addition of more plant types. 

Modified the DynaSCAPE PDF Writer to enable use on Windows Server. 

Changed the location where temporary recovery files are stored to avoid automatic or manual clearing of temporary files from deleting and preventing drawing recovery or triggering an Undo Error popup if they’re deleted while Design is running. 

Design will no longer crash while attempting to recover a drawing that contained an unsaved plant schedule. 

Fixed incorrect vertex order when exporting the face entity type to AutoCAD. 

Other News

Proven Winners plant data has been updated in the DynaScape Online Plant Database to match the Proven Winners 2023 catalog (released Jun 1, 2023). 


Thanks to:

  • Adrian H – Cedar Springs 
  • Amy G – Colorburst Landscape & Design 
  • Dustin B – D Brunes Landscape Design 
  • Elizabeth P – The Garden Angels 
  • Emily K – Fivepoint
  • Jacky M. – Jacky Miller Landscape Design
  • Makayla S – Stout Creek Landscapes Inc 
  • Mohammad T – Edmonds Community College 
  • Patrick D – DuChene Design Solutions 
  • Pearce B – Pearce B Designs 
  • Ryan VL – Nature’s Own Landscape & Design 
  • Susan P – Nyce Gardens