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New Features

A new tool called “Hide a layer by selecting an entity” has been added to the Advanced toolbox. It is especially useful for hiding layers after importing a drawing from AutoCAD.

Added new import options to the File menu for use when importing DWG/DXF files from measuring tools like Moasure and SmartLevel. Elevation values will be added as text on the Grades level at the position where a measurement was taken.

The left panel has been widened to make lists more readable and allow for larger figure previews. This will make it easier to distinguish between modes, libraries, and figures with similar names.


Added new POOL EQUIP-6 library containing filters, heaters, and pump as well as pre-made, ready to use pool pads of various sizes. All figures are added to the Pool layer.

Oversized figures in the PEOPLE-6 library have been adjusted.


Added “Color with Dimension Mode” that is similar to “Color Ready Mode” but also includes the Dimension layer. This still requires dimensions to be exploded before they will be visible in Color.

Dimension, Irrigate, and Wiring modes will now display tree and shrub markers as indicated in the manual.

Lighting mode will display tree markers and tree graphics.

Piping mode will display tree markers.

To avoid overwriting customization of modes, these mode changes will only apply to new installations and when the DYNASCAPEDS folder is reset.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

Replaced Online Manual link on the Help menu with a link to the new Knowledge Base.

Architectural font now displays TM and R instead of PL and CL when text contains ™ and ®. This change will be most visible when labelling plants from the OPD.

Closing and reopening Insert Hatch will select the last used hatch library.

Closing and reopening Insert Section will select the last pattern used in the drawing.


  • Corinne M – Mystic Woods Landscape Design
  • Gail I – Logan Trading Company
  • Humberto D – Designed Landscapes
  • Jodi G – Otten Brothers Nursery & Landscape Inc
  • Stacey F – Modern Blue Concepts