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Increase Efficiency and Profitability with Landscape Business Management Software

Ready to see how DynaScape’s Manage 360 landscape management software can make running your business easier?

Manage360 takes you from the initial site visit to the proposal and straight through job management all the way to invoicing in one complete landscaping business software solution.

Why Choose Manage360 for Your Company?

At DynaScape, we understand that there are multiple facets involved in running a landscaping business. Not only do you need to manage your contractors, but you also need to keep track of projects, customers, and billing estimates. With Manage360 landscape business management software, you can keep track of everything all in one place.

Manage360 also serves as your company’s:

  • Landscape CRM Software
  • Landscape Bid Software
  • Storage Software
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"I would say don't look at how much it costs. Look at how much it's going to make you and save you. How much time it's going to save." Christian Brown Perfect Landscapes
I can’t even express how excited I am to show a client a Colour Rendering Concept Plan of their yard and see their appreciation of the design. It will not only impress the client but also make it that much easier for them to decipher and visualize the design. Lara Hunter Landscape Designer, Hunter Landscape Design
Sharing drawings with contractors is fantastic. I used to have to meet them and drive halfway across the city to show plans. Now I'm using it a lot to show my clients revisions. I will present the original drawings to them, but if we have a little revision, often, I'll send it by email. So it saves me time. Beth Edney Designs By the Yard

    Not sure which design software is right for you?

    Use the chart to compare the strengths and capabilities between the Creator and Design products to pick the right tool for your needs.

    Creator vs. Design Comparison

    Creator Design
    Free trial
    Browser-based (online cloud storage and accessible from anywhere)
    Modern, intuitive user interface
    Hand-drawn quality professional output
    Landscape-specific CAD layers/line styles
    Manage360 Integration (Export/Import to create estimates)
    Connection to Manage360 plants and materials
    Custom plant lists
    Plant and Material take-offs
    Accurate Measurements and Dimensions
    Figure Auto-Count Labeling​
    Plant Figure Clustering
    Add Raster Images
    Plant Picture Catalog
    DynaScape Figure Libraries
    Building Line Tool
    Export to DynaScape Color
    Sketch3D Export and plugins
    Export to PDF
    Print direct to printer
    Quotation Groups / Work Areas
    In-app Help
    Access to DynaScape Support

    You work hard to keep your clients happy. You keep sales growing and manage your crews. But above all, you create beautiful properties. Do it all with Manage360.

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