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Georgia Summer Teachers Conference 2010

This past Monday and Tuesday (July 12,13) I attended the annual Georgia Summer Teachers Conference in Augusta, GA, for the first time. With well over 100 Colleges and Universities now teaching DynaScape across North America, we are seeing more and more interest from instructors who are looking to implement DynaScape at the High School level. The conference was attended by over 400 Agriculture Instructors from 320 Secondary Schools across Georgia.

The first day of  ‘Vendor Visitation’ was a chance to meet the Instructors. It provided an excellent opportunity to explain how DynaScape can be incorporated into their curriculum at the High School level, and how this will better prepare their students for their future College/University design courses.

On the second day, I held two ‘Breakout Sessions’ which were 55 minute presentations on DynaScape Software. These sessions were well attended, and allowed me to provide a much more detailed look at how DynaScape benefits Landscape Designers and Design/Build Contractors, and why our software is being widely used throughout the Landscape Industry.

The event was well-organized, and I look forward to continuing to work with the GVATA (Georgia Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association) in preparing students for their future careers in the Green Industry.

Rob Wieske