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The advantages of using web-based software

Contractors occasionally ask us why the new DS|Manage business management software is a web-based program, (meaning you access the program through your web browser) and what the benefits are for their business. Depending on the application of the program, there are several reasons why web based software has the advantage over traditional programs that need to be installed with a disc. Some of these advantages include:

  • Access to the software from any location with an internet connection. Connect from the field, home, or office from any computer, anytime
  • No installation or special hardware is required which saves you time because you rarely have to deal with technical issues
  • Up front costs are low, making web-based software more affordable to begin using

There’s an article in USA Today that does a great job explaining web-based software and how it’s having a profound effect on small businesses.

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Note: Web-based software is also known as “SaaS” or “Software-as-a-Service”


Jeff Morris