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High performing companies go the extra mile

When I started at DynaScape, I came on to manage all aspects sales and marketing. As we’ve grown, so have I. I began meeting with as many different landscape companies as I possibly could, learning and absorbing everything. Taking all of the best parts and distilling it into our business management software. I’m now meeting with many landscape companies every year, understanding what their challenges and successes are. It’s been some of the most industry enlightening time for me.

What I can tell you is that there are some very high performing landscape companies out there. The commonality in my mind is that each company represented here tonight performs on brilliantly high level.

Let’s deconstruct these high performing companies for a moment. Each of you have something in common:

  1. Strong Values
  2. Healthy company culture
  3. Great people

They have strong values. Including:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Quality

They have a healthy culture in which all members of the team engage in. Company culture is at the heart of competitive advantage, because it determines how things are done and how people behave; it is the hardest thing for competitors to copy. High performers create an environment with a unique personality and soul, and with a passion for performance so that people make the right decisions and do the right thing wherever they are in the business.

They have great people. Engaged people are much more productive and way more pleasant to be around. They tend to subscribe to a high degree of innovation and pour a significant amount of their energy into to the company. They give you their best and they tend to stay.

ND Landscape Inc

At the Design Build Install Symposium in Boston, MA last month (hosted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals), the group was invited on a tour of ND Landscape Inc. A full service landscape company that is wholly invested in making their business a great place to work. Here’s some pretty interesting stats:

  • 33 years in business
  • Average customer tenure is 17 years
  • 4 employee appreciation events per year
  • 3 annual company wide meetings
  • 80 employees
  • 52 employee training events per year
  • Average employee tenure is 12 years
  • 2 dedicated owners

During the tour, it was immensely clear that every team member was invested in the culture of the business. Every team member wearing a professional uniform with pride. In each truck, and each desk was an image of 27.2. Now the marathon in Boston is world famous and the marathon culture in Boston is contagious. There are 26.2 miles in a marathon and everyone at ND Landscape Inc is dedicated to going the extra mile in everything they do. Using 27.2 as a reminder of that philosophy is very inspiring.


About ND Landscape Inc.

For over 30 years, ND Landscape, Inc has been responsible for some of Essex County’s most distinguished and innovative landscape projects. Our reputation for creative design, quality construction, impeccable maintenance and dependability has resulted in client referrals that create the majority of our new business. ND Landscape specializes in residential and commercial design & build, landscape maintenance, and snow and ice management.