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How to Market and Grow Your Landscape Business

Landscaping season is upon us and it’s in higher demand than ever. Because of the pandemic, more people seem to have extra time at home with not much to do – other than work on their homes. This is great news for landscapers, but it does have a small downside. Like any thriving industry, competition is fierce. If you want to stand out, you need to know how to market your business. 

Now is the prime time to learn how to ramp up marketing efforts for your landscaping business. You’ve got sales and growth goals in mind, and a client base to service – but how will you retain these customers? And how will you reach new customers?

Landscaping goes beyond improving the appearance of land – it’s a business. And in today’s business environment, people go online to search for services. Your lawn care business needs a strong online presence that attracts your potential customers to the landscaping services you offer.

DynaScape is running a hands-on workshop led by Chad Diller, Director of Client Success at Landscape Leadership, a sales and marketing agency with its roots in the landscaping industry. This workshop includes strategic tips on how to make the most of every marketing dollar you spend. It’ll cover hot topics, like how to generate traffic for your website, how to find new leads, and how to ultimately turn those leads into sales. 

Chad Diller is the marketing guru for lawn care, landscaping, tree care, and pest control. He is part of the creative and strategic processes for all of the accounts at Landscape Leadership. He helps their clients uncover and define strategic objectives to grow and improve specific areas of their business through long-term strategy. In this workshop, he will be sharing proven, fundamental best practices and real-life examples that will help your business truly stand out.  

“There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see an eyesore of a property become the most gorgeous spot on the block,” says Chad. “Helping companies market green industry services is truly a gift. There’s always something to learn.”

If you’re looking to improve your business’ lead generation, company branding and sales procedures, this workshop can give you all the tips. 

Testimonial from our joint customer 

“Landscape Leadership’s unique process fundamentally changed our marketing approach and made it much more client-focused. We thought we knew what we were doing, but we really didn’t. Chad and I really get along…and that certainly helps. But, what really makes Landscape Leadership unique is that they understand the landscape industry. They know what we do and why we do it. They see things through our eyes. Thus, they can help us convey a clear and concise message that really resonates with our customers. This year was the biggest ever and I expect next year to be even better!”  

– Krisjan Berzins, President & CEO, Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape 

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