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Introducing DynaScape Creator

DynaScape Creator

If you’ve been a DynaScape user or fan, you likely know that we’ve been supporting landscapers for nearly 30 years to elevate their professionalism and create stunning landscape sketches. Over the years, DynaScape added onto its much-loved sketch tool, Design, with our end-to-end business management software, Manage360.  Our users trust and feedback have played a crucial role in our growth, and we’re proud to say that we’ve come a long way together. 

We are proud to announce the launch of the next stage in our journey to support landscapers thrive. We are pleased to introduce DynaScape Creator! 

Why Creator 

You can consider Creator the younger, highly-motivated sibling of Design. Initially, Creator provides a more “entry-level” and easier sketch tool for those newer landscapers without CAD expertise or need of the more robust set of tools Design offers. It also offers DynaScape’s first Mac-compatible software, for our Mac-enthusiasts who have been chomping at the bit to join our base of loyal users. 

 With Creator you’ll find:  

1. Unparalleled ease of use 

Not a CAD-educated professional? No problem!  DynaScape Creator simplifies the user experience without sacrificing the functionality landscaping pros need. Quickly learn the software and begin creating beautiful designs your customers will love.  

  • Intuitive tools that make designing easy.   
  • Extensive symbol and plant library.  
  • Start designing fast with no setup time. 

2. Web-based software 

DynaScape Creator is a browser-based software that eliminates the need for time-consuming downloads and storage-hogging software packages. And because your designs are saved on the cloud, you can access and work on projects anywhere, anytime.   

  • No software download.  
  • Compatible with PC and Mac.  
  • Save & access designs on the cloud.   

3. Competitive pricing  

At $50 a month, DynaScape Creator provides a new, entry-level product tier for those who aren’t quite ready for the robust CAD-based toolkit offered by Design. The monthly subscription includes full access to the software—no set-up fee required. Best of all, you can try before you buy. Start your free trial to learn the software before you sign up.  

  • No setup costs.  
  • Low monthly subscription.  
  • Free trial included. 

What’s The Future of Creator?  

We can’t wait to see Creator continue to grow and flourish as we receive user feedback over the next year. The DynaScape team behind the scenes is dedicated to building upon the strong foundation that is being launched today and evolving Creator into a tool that our Design users can one-day transition onto to support all their design needs.  As technology evolves and modernizes, we are committed to providing the most high-powered tools for our committed customers. We appreciate you for being a part of the journey.