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3 Landscape Business Ownership Types (Who Are You?)

Most professional landscapers can find themselves in one of three ownership groups. They are:

  • Senior owners, who have been in the business a long time
  • Younger owners, who have taken over a business
  • New owners, who just started their landscape business

What type of owner you are and the experience you have will affect your approach when looking at technology solutions. Especially when considering landscape business management software. Depending on how much experience you have in the field and in business, looking at landscape software might not be on the top of your list. We are here to tell you why it should be at every level.

Regardless if you are a new owner or have spent decades designing landscapes and providing lawn maintenance, you need to be thinking of some form of landscape business management software — even more so if you are looking to pass your business along, or get it started off on the right foot. Let’s take a look at each owner and see where their needs for landscape software fall.

Long-Time Business Owners

There are many landscapers today who have spent 25 or more years in the field and continue to do things the old-fashioned way. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? That can be everything from doing designs by hand on paper to estimating with a spreadsheet and calculator to planning out jobs based on knowledge of how long they take to complete. And there is nothing wrong with having the experience to know how long it will take to get a job done, especially when talking with clients and reassuring them you can meet deadlines.

However, there is an obvious problem that comes up when one owner holds all the information about a business. What happens when that owner is no longer around? Perhaps they decide to leave the business, sell it, or pass it down. Or they want to step into retirement. Or sadly, something unfortunate occurs suddenly. Where do you go when all the business knowledge is locked away in the owner’s brain?

That’s why these owners need to be thinking about landscape business management software. It’s a transfer of information from their own head to a landscape software that can run their business. Being the only one with keys to information doesn’t make for an efficient business. If the owner is the only one who knows how to estimate properly or explain what needs to be included in a project, then they are vital to all aspects of the business. Should they leave, the business goes with them. But by putting it in landscape software, that knowledge can be shared with everyone, and that senior owner can begin to transition away from aspects of the business that depended on them so much before.

Young Owners Taking Over a Business

These owners have some experience under their belts and are often family members taking over the family business. They have experience working beside the senior owner, but they want to make a change. Many DynaScape customers fit into this ownership type, as they are taking over the business and want to add landscape business management software. That’s because they want to harness all the information they can get, add automation tools, and find ways to be more efficient.

These young owners aren’t stuck in their ways about how to do a job and often seek out landscape software to find a better solution. That includes speeding up design drawing, the time it takes to estimate, and how they perform their jobs in the field. With a foundation of a business already set, these young owners don’t have to start from the bottom and fight their way up. But rather, they are looking for tools to improve what is already being done.

They don’t want to sit at the table at night typing out quotes when landscape business software can do that for them. They want greater insight into the business so they can make changes. And that’s why landscape business management software is a tool they are after. That way, they can start to find every efficient way to run a business that was doing good before but will do even better after.

New Owners

As a new owner, you have started your landscape business from scratch. You may have experience working for someone else or be brand new to the industry. Whatever the case may be, landscape business management software might be what you need from day one. It’s one of those “get off on the right foot” situations. By implementing landscape software early in your business process, you have an established system in which to do things. There are no gaps in information and history is definitely always on your side.

Many new owners are a little hesitant about getting new landscape business management software simply because of the cost of a start-up. With DynaScape more affordable pricing, however, it’s more accessible to get into landscape software. And that way, you are working with a tool from the beginning and not trying to adapt to it later on. That’s the difference between finding and replacing inefficacies and just not having them at all.

Landscape professionals need landscape business management software

No matter what type of owner you are or where your business is, landscape business management software, like Manage360 is a tool that will help you scale your business. From the most experienced landscaper to the youngest, there are definite pros to working with landscape software and adding automation and efficient functionality to your business. Check out DynaScape’s solution today and see how our landscape business management software is helping every kind of owner scale their business to where they want it to be.