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Achieve More with Landscape Routing Software

Properly routing your landscape crews is often like putting a puzzle together. Ensuring crew members are assigned tasks, optimizing the routes they will be taking, and accommodating any sick leaves and/or delays are all a part of solving the landscape business management puzzle. Putting these tasks together manually using whiteboards, sticky notes, or online calendars can be exhaustive and result in business inefficiencies.

By using routing software that lives within your Landscape Business Software, these processes are streamlined for you. You no longer have to jump from one whiteboard to another to route your crews or worry about adjusting for unforeseen changes in your teams’ schedules. Here are the top three benefits of upgrading to landscape business software with routing capabilities:

Organized Service Tasks and Increased Service Capacity

You can never know how much your crews can achieve until they are well-routed.

Landscaping crew routing software works to accomplish the fundamental need of every landscaping business — maximizing service capacity. Begin the process by grouping similar service types; for example, all trim & mow tasks can be grouped together and scheduled for the same day of the week. By grouping a service type, your crew carries only the equipment specific to their day’s task.

They perform the same task throughout the day without switching to other job types, helping them achieve work efficiency and be more productive throughout the day. This feature of routing works especially well if you provide maintenance, weekly services, or service contracts as your routing calendar is easily streamlined to achieve more.

The second phase of grouping is by location. All the similar service types in close by areas are routed together, creating an efficient route for your crew; instead of losing valuable time driving around the city, they can provide more billable services in the same time frame and maximize service capacity.

Cost Savings Through Optimized Routes

Your landscape business management software acts as the smart assistant who plans it all for you. The automated system shortlists and presents you with the targeted work orders for the day, along with the optimized route each of your crew members can take. The suggested plan is created to meet all your service calls in the least possible travel time, helping you to keep your overhead costs in-check, saving unnecessary gas consumption, and added vehicle maintenance costs.

Here’s another way a route optimizer saves you from wasteful expenditure: if any of your crew members are not able to reach the client’s location on a bad weather day, the routing software suggests the next best alternative route for the nearby team. This way, your service orders are fulfilled without additional spending on sending out crew members from the office location. By efficiently utilizing nearby crews to cover the empty slots, you save on additional fuel and travel expenses.

Stay in control, and informed

For efficient remote landscaping crew management, you need to have eyes on the field. Mobile crew tracking gives you the power to have visibility over your crew and equipment. Your team can easily clock in and out of jobs throughout the day, making it easy for you to audit your crew’s performance and identify any weak links using comprehensive timesheets.

Along with your landscaping crews, track the whereabouts of your equipment, materials, and subcontractors in the field. Any changes in the crew’s route/roster can be done almost instantly through your mobile app.  A mobile landscape routing software gives your supervisor a leg up over conventional methods of crew tracking and management.

Embrace the Benefits of Landscape Routing Software

The tools you use today to manage your team have a significant impact on the levels of their productivity, workflow, and communication. Streamlining your biggest asset: your landscaping crew, rewards your business directly. Reduce administrative stress and focus on providing more billable services. 

Connect with one of DynaScape’s account executives today to learn more about how our landscape routing software can help you optimize your routes and save on overhead costs.