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Technology is Replacing The Pencil

Written by Patrick DuChene, DuChene Design Solutions

IMG_0143This project was a revolutionary breakthrough in the DuChene Design Solutions workflow.  Workflow is such a crucial aspect of the design, estimating, and presentation process and I am always looking at new ways to increase the quality of my product as well as my productivity.  With the introduction of the new iPad Pro to my toolset, my ability to communicate with my designers has just gotten better by leaps and bounds. 

This was a pilot project where I integrate hand sketching into the process to communicate with my designer.  She created a base sheet for me of the house and existing conditions in DynaScape Design and was then saved as a PDF.  I opened the PDF on the iPad Pro and using an app like PDF Expert, I created a labeled hand sketch that communicated my ideas for this project.  Color coding plant material, handwritten notes, and dimensions were included for her to understand my intent.  Once this was completed, she opened up the PDF back into DynaScape Design and was able to very easily and quickly create the design almost exactly how it was sketched.  Once she completed the design, I opened the design in DynaScape Color and applied the color textures to the design to create a great-looking final drawing for the client.

Experimenting with this workflow was a great experience as I was easily able to do some hand drawing that I do not often get to do, all without picking up a single traditional pencil and no paper used at all.  DynaScape Software is such a powerful standalone product, but when you think outside the box of how you can use it with other products, the sky is the limit for what you can produce and provide your client!